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“A Poetry Reading”

Whether you’re into venison, poetry, or Baltimore, Charlotte Heyrman ’13 can hook you up with at least two of three:

for the second time around, baltimore and wesleyan poets will collide at 69 Home Avenue. This Monday night, join us for an evening of words, wit, and wunderbar.

poets include RM O’Brien and Jeremy Hoevenaar, Betsy Sallee ’13, Claire Dougherty ’13, Caleb Corliss ’13, Josh Krugman ’14, and Virgil Taylor ’15.

Date: Monday, February 18
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Place: 69 Home Avenue
Cost: Free

BREAKING: Car Parked the Wrong Way on Home Ave For Freakin’ Ever

Anonymous Person ’12 sends in this handy graphic to illustrate the situation at the scene of the crime. In brief: CAR. PARKED BACKWARDS. MANY DAYS. HEAVY PARKING FINES. AP ’12 adds:

car parked on home avenue the wrong way: just writing in about a car that has been parked the wrong way on home avenue for the last week or so and is accumulating heavy fines. not sure if this is a wesleyan car even, but just thought i would try and send this in. Massachusetts license plate, first three numbers 828.

Fun fact: there is a Wikipedia page on “Parking,” but the neutrality of its “Economics of Parking” subsection is disputed. I can’t really imagine a better way to procrastinate than by editing it. But really, what is up with this vehicle?