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Liveblog: People-Watching While Stranded in Bradley Airport


Welp, good start to my Spring Break.

Like quite a few Wesleyan students, I was excited to escape the woes of Midterms and head back home— for me, Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans. For the record, snow, you are not wanted past February. It is now March. You have overstayed your welcome. Stop messing with my spring.

Because of the sudden, angry downpour of upwards of a foot of snow, my flight has been sufficiently delayed by a few hours. So, lucky for you, I’m using this liveblog as a vehicle for my people-watching. Enjoy, and safe travels!

Free Screening of HOME

This looks like a beautiful film. Katherine Bascom ’10 writes:

It is rare to see a film that is so emotionally, rationally, and artistically compelling. It is even rarer to see such a film in all its glory for FREE at the Goldsmith Cinema.

HOME tells a story of enormous beauty and importance. It is the story of the development of life on this planet and our cultural evolution to the point where we now threaten to disrupt a delicate ecological balance so essential to prosperity and happiness.

Using footage of our planet shot from above, Yann Bertrand expresses the urgency and hope of our times. Across the spectrum of human, biological, and geological systems, HOME manages to maintain an overwhelming, almost surreal sense of beauty.

Check out the trailer:

Date: Saturday, April 24, 2010
: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Place: Goldsmith Theater (The biggest screen on campus)
Cost: Free!