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Homebrewers’ Alliance Info Meeting

From the moat of malt (Fountain backyards?!):

The Wesleyan Homebrewers Alliance is having its first informational meeting of the year. All Wesleyan students are welcome to attend, even if you’re underage. We are a student group that meets on a weekly basis to brew beer styles from all over the world with an emphasis on creating great tasting craft brews that utilize local ingredients. All skill and experience levels are encouraged to attend, and we will be organizing houses after this event. If you have any questions or cannot attend, feel free to email eswack[at]wesleyan[dot]edu. Those interested in hosting or leading a brewhouse this year should email ahead of time, and show up 15 minutes early to the meeting.

Date: Sept 26
Time: 8:30PM to 9PM
Place: 122A Knowles Ave

Donate Bottles to Homebrewers


Recycle your used beer bottles to your fellow fans of fermentation!  The Wesleyan Homebrewers’ Alliance is in dire need of empty, brown, normal sized beer (or root beer!) bottles.

They do not need to be clean, but twist offs do not work. If anybody has a lot of them waiting to be recycled, they can email wesleyan.homebrew(at)gmail and we will send someone to pick them up.  Thanks!