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Wescam Write-In

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Now that theses are over and spring has sprung, some students are beginning to think about the hallmarks of the end of the semester: final work for classes, trips to Miller’s pond, running out of points, spending time on Foss, spending time in the library, and—perhaps most importantly—Wescam. I am tired of explaining Wescam to freshmen, so I have decided not to here is a pretty accurate summary of the website. To celebrate the advent of this incredible Wesleyan Experience, I want you—the reader—to submit the most hilarious/cute/weird/silly/blasé (yeah, that’s right MOST BLASÉ) stories so that I can up my game before the season begins to amuse other Wesleying readers and keep the witty spirit of  ‘scamming alive. Link here. Submit your stories! and…

Stride of Pride: Calling for an End to Slut-Shaming


Let’s salute our fellow cross-campus, early-morning weekend travelers (some of whom I have encountered on repeated occasions and hope to one day courageously approach in an effort to develop some sort of a friendship based on mutual sleep deprivation and the reprise of last night’s outfit, but my social skills are somewhat lacking) and offer them an alternative to the disgusting and extremely sexist use of the term “Walk of Shame.” I mean, let’s not try and sugarcoat it; sometimes the walk back to your own room after a night of adventure can feel a little shameful.

But it shouldn’t.

The ubiquitous “Walk of Shame” talk needs to stop. We enjoy the less common but much more empowering term “Stride of Pride.” It’s a gender-neutral way to describe a guilt-free sunrise walk back to one’s own room. It’s really unacceptable that women are still made to feel ashamed for expressing their sexuality or exercising their right to engage in casual, sexual relationships in a way men have been been applauded for doing for years. Everyone should have the freedom to feel proud of their choices, whether or not those choices involve any sexual activity. Also, you can be doing a stride of pride for any number of reasons! Just got a free cup of coffee? Stride of pride it up!

Oh Snap: EduHookup

Once again the Interwebz throws from left field something so strange yet so inconceivably ingenious that I can’t decide whether I want to applaud the human audacity of it all or just feel a little dirty, sticky, and dead inside while holding myself in the corner of my Hi-Rise bathtub.

A couple of days ago Brown University’s Blog Daily Herald announced that “EduHookups” – a new online social platform that is something like a classifieds-esque webhub that provides a base for people to seek out or offer hookups – is hitting their shores. As they describe it,

The purpose of the site is simple: to give college students an easy (no pun intended) place to seek out sexual encounters. For both the cripplingly shy and the passionately deviant, eduHookups should represent a welcome addition to the college student’s casual sex utility belt (apparently the old-fashioned kind of social lubricant just doesn’t do it anymore).

The site has been considered a “relative success” so far, with around 800 registered members and media coverage from the Huffington Post, the Chicago Maroon, and the Daily Mail over in the UK (with the hilarious header: “Chastity is Curable”). Heck, it even earned a mention by Jay Leno (you can see the clip of the monologue by following through the Blog Daily Herald link).