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Audition for Rizky Rahadianto’s Film Thesis

rizkySophia Jennings ’16 wants to know if you can handle the heat:

Come audition for “Mild, Medium, Hot,” a steamy and jolly horror film about hot sauce.

Male and female parts available. Email all further questions to rrahadianto[at]wesleyan[dot]edu or msjennings[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

Wednesday (Oct 1) and Thursday (Oct 2) 5-7PM in the Powell Cinema in the Center for Film Studies.

Only the hottest peppers will show up.

Date: Wednesday, October 1st and Thursday, October 2nd, 2014
Time: 5-7PM
Place: Powell Cinema (Center for Film Studies)

Wesleyan’s forecast

Well I talked to a few more people today about the temperatures inside. Turns out that air conditioning uses too much electricity for it to be a simple on-off thing, and the decision was made to hold off. As much as I like conservation of energy, I think it’s more helpful to have a functional workspace. Alas, I talked to Peter Staye (x3773) and there has been no change in policy.

I returned to the science center today with an instant thermometer and athletic shorts.

Sci Li: 85 degrees
My office: 86 degrees
ST Lab: 92 degrees
Second floor hallway: 82 degrees
Coldest place I could find (basement tunnels): 80 degrees

The forecast: Over the next week, a cold front will be sweeping through the surrounding CT area. However, due to incompetent climate control, this will not significantly moderate indoor temperatures. Drink lots of fluids and spend most of your time outdoors.

It’s really, really hot indoors

So, if you’re been in the science center or Olin recently, you might notice that its exceedingly hot. The room I usually study in is in the balmy 80s. ST Lab is – oh god – in the 90s.

A major contributor to this heat wave is the lack of air conditioning. According to two people I talked to in physical plant, either they turn on the air conditioning after its been over 55 degrees outside for 3 days straight, or they turn it on after graduation. It’s difficult to switch back and forth between heat and AC, so the logic is to prepare for a cold snap.

I’d rather be a little chilly: its pretty hard for me to concentrate with sweat dripping in my eyes.