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House Hopping Gift Card Contest

From Nicole Okai ’14:

What do The Bayit, International House, Earth House, and Asian/Asian American House all have in common?

They just made House Hopping Day a lot more interesting…

Contest: Gift Card Prize! Win a $25 Amazon gift card just by visiting the following houses: The Bayit, International House, Earth House, and Asian/Asian American House, all of which are short walks from each other.

1) Visit each house and complete a simple task there.
2) Hand in your task sheet to the last participating house you visit.
3) Stand a chance to win a $25 Amazon giftcard!
*The winner will be picked at the end of House Hopping Day via a lottery. They will be informed via email.

Cookies and Games with Well-Being House

From Natalie Sacks ’14:

Come stop by Well-Being House during House Hopping Day this Sunday. We will have board games, puzzles, and delicious homemade treats. Tours of the house will also be available to anyone who wants to get a better look at where they might be living next year.

Date: 02/26/2012
Time: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
Place: Well-Being House, 250 Court St

Free Afternoon Dessert

Alecia Ng ’14 offers you afternoon delight: 

Chinese House will be offering free dessert on House Hopping Day at 3 p.m.!

Desserts include: Sago with coconut milk, Red bean soup and Glutinous Rice balls with Red Bean!

Date: Sunday, Feb 26
3-5 p.m.
Chinese House, 34 Lawn Ave right across from the Butts

House Hopping Day: Hamantaschen Making at THE BAYIT!

Sydney Hausman-Cohen ’13 REPRESENT!

We are going to make Hamantaschen (delicious triangle shaped cookies) in early honor of Purim (which is during spring break) this Sunday at the Bayit during House Hopping Day. Purim is kind of like a Jewish Halloween, in that it involved costumes and sweets, but the tradition is to give cookies to others (like reverse trick-or-treating). Come stop by, see the house, and make some cookies to bring to your friends!

Date:   Feb. 20
Time:   Noon – 5:00 PM
Place:  The Bayit, 157 Church Street

House Hopping Day: Cardinal Sinners Concert at INTERFAITH/LIGHTHOUSE

Deena Godfrey ’12 fo’ the double whammy:

Stop by 230 Washington St this Sunday, anytime from 12-5pm, to check out the house, play some ping pong, and eat some snacks.
At 3pm the incredibly talented Cardinal Sinners will be performing so be sure to come over and listen to some beautiful music.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Date:   Feb. 20
Time:   Noon – 5:00 PM
Place:  230 Washington St- Interfaith and Lighthouse

House Hopping Day: Hummus Making at TURATH HOUSE

Why get Weshop hummus when you make your own? Because it takes effort? Yeah, I feel you. But still,

Love hummus?

Did you know that hummus is different across the Middle East? Come out and make your own personal batch with fresh ingredients from different regions of the Middle East. PITA AND INGREDIENTS WILL BE PROVIDED.

(Also, come check out Turath House while you’re at it! A cozy five-person house on Lawn Avenue with great programs and people.)

Date:   Feb. 20
Time:   Noon – 5:00 PM
Place:  Turath House, 22 Lawn Avenue

House Hopping Day: INTERNATIONAL HOUSE afternoon tea time

Are you still hungry after finishing your brunch omelet? Do you like tea? Do you like tea-time cookies and sweets? Then, how about coming to International House this Sunday?
For house hopping day, International house is having open house afternoon tea time. International house is located at 151 church street (right across from Weswings) We have 12 single rooms, own laundry room, kitchen with brand-new stove and living room with cable TV.

On Sunday, We will have teabags from various countries, served with cookies, muffins and chocolate chip biscotti. Come and chat with us, ask any question, and have a tour of the house! :)

Date:   Feb. 20
Time:   Noon – 5:00 PM
Place:  International house (151 church street)

House Hopping Sunday: TODAY 12-5

TODAY is House Hopping Day from 12-5 PM. Whether you want to live in an old favorite like Earth House, the Bayit, Russian House, BuHo or a new residence like Music House, Writing House or Full House, avoid GRS all together and get hopping.

* Community Service House is hosting a Puppet Making event. All puppets made will be donated.

* Get a sneak preview of Wesleyan’s 6 newest Program Houses:
Farm House- 344 Washington Ave.
Music House- 316 Wash
Lighthouse- 230 Wash
Interfaith House- 230 Wash
Full House- 202 Wash
Writing House- 202 Wash

House Hopping Day for juniors

Juniors: tomorrow is House Hopping Day! If you’re aiming to get a woodframe house next year, be sure to check out houses so you have an idea of where you want to live. Here’s the info:

This Tuesday from 4-8pm will be Woodframe House Hopping, where you can check out what the woodframes actually look like on the inside. Stop by our table outside Pi Cafe to grab a list of the houses for your group size, and then go knock on doors!

If you have questions, email Peter Hill ’08 at pshill@wesleyan.edu, or just find him at Pi.

Good luck with the stressful ordeal that is GRS! And don’t worry; it works out well for the vast majority of people. I promise. Although I say this as someone who has never yet had to go through it. Still, it can’t be thaaat bad…