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Old, Poor, and Hungry in America: A Film Screening of Caring for Mom and Dad

WesAGE and Hunger and Homelessness are teaming up to put on a film screening of “Caring for Mom and Dad,” a moving documentary to spark a discussion surrounding economic, financial, and social issues inherent in caring for the elderly. There will be Thai food for dinner, so please feel free to stop by for dinner, a film screening, and discussion on Wednesday, February 17th at 6PM in PAC 002. We hope to see you there!

Date: Wednesday, February 17
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Place: PAC 002

Students Publish Disorientation Guide to Activism at Wes



So maybe you’re a freshman, nervous and overwhelmed by all the information coming at you about classes, housing, what to bring from home – and are feeling like you can’t even begin to think about bigger issues on campus. Or maybe you’re a senior and feel like you’ve gotten this far and never really involved yourself in any social/political engagement on campus, so now it’s way too late and where would you even begin if you wanted to. Wherever you might stand, activism at Wes can seem like a huge, widespread and unnavigable thing.

Thankfully, some very committed students are trying to change that sentiment and make activism within the Wesleyan world an approachable and cohesive community. This past week, the Disorientation Guide was released through the University Organizing Center site to bring together the wide-ranging issues affecting us into one document. The entire Disorientation zine can be downloaded here, and I strongly recommend that everyone take a look at it.

Middletown Potluck at First Church

1426513_10151947591813886_1585432751_nFrom Ari Ebstein ’16:

Middletown Potluck is hosting a dinner at First Church (161 Court St.) today from 5:00-7:30. There will be speakers from St. Vincent du Paul’s homelessness outreach group LEADS, and afterwards, there will be an open community forum about the issues of hunger and homeless with the goal of creating one actionable item we can commit to as a community to alleviate some of the struggles associated with hunger and homelessness.

Please come. Cooking at First Church from 1-5– come to help if you can; clothes drive next to St. Vincent from 3-5, for those who want to attend; dinner from 5:00-7:30.

Bring food if you can, as many attendees will come from food insecure backgrounds.

Don’t pretend you’re busy! Come to this!

Date: 16 Nov. 2013
Time: 5:00-7:30pm
161 Court St.
Cost: Free, but bringing food is recommended.

A Place at the Table Screening

Francesca Moree ’14 serves up:

1 in 6 Americans–50 million–is food insecure. 1 in 4 American children—17 million–is food insecure. 85% of those families that are food insecure have at least one working adult it the household.

Brought to you by Hunger and Homelessness, come out Thursday night to watch A Place at the Table, a film created by the makers of Food, Inc. A Place at the Table describes the realities of food insecurity in America today, highlighting the experiences of three families, in particular.

Featuring Jeff Bridges, this film also presents a radical challenge to Americans everywhere to consider how food insecurity in our country can realistically be eradicated.

I challenge you to come out to PAC 107 at 6:30pm and watch this movie and consider the realities of food security and food justice in the United States.

Date: Thursday, November 14th
6:30 – 8:00 PM
Where: PAC 107
Cost: free your mind

Hunger and Homelessness Meeting

Francesca Moree ’14 writes in with the following.

The Hunger and Homelessness Program will have brief meeting this Thursday, October 3 at 5:30pm in the OCS Lounge (3rd floor Allbritton) to discuss our upcoming screening of A Place at the Table and other fun ideas that we have planned for this fall.

Depending on how my points balance looks and how generous I’m feeling, there may be snaxxx.

Peace, Love, and 80 Degrees!

Date: Thursday, Oct 3
Time: 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Place: OCS Lounge

Hunger and Homelessness Info Session

wesleyingFrom Francesca Moree ’14:

Interested in Hunger and Homelessness issues?

…in Middletown? …in the United States? …in the world?

Come to the Hunger and Homelessness information session Monday, September 16 at 8pm in PAC 002 (basement)

Hear from Food Rescue (takes food from Wes to a halfway house), Bread Salvage (bread from a distribution center to Middletown schools), Hunger and Homelessness (advocacy and awareness events), and Habitat for Humanity (building a house in Middletown this year!!)

Feel free to contact Francesca at fmoree[at]wesleyan[dot]edu with any questions.

Date: Today
Time: 8 pm
Place: PAC 002

National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

It’s National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week! The Housing and Hunger Program, in collaboration with Rho Epsilon Pi, WesCFPA, IJL, WesFRESH, UOC, Oxfam and others, are hosting speakers, events and activities throughout the week. This includes a UOC community meeting, a Habitat for Humanity info session, a discussion with Rob Rosenthal, a WesFRESH speakers series, and a festival on Foss Hill.

Email Haley Baron ’12, hbaron@wes, for questions. And check out the schedule of events below after the jump!