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Olin Thesis Carrel Assignments Emailed Out

This post mostly concerns the senior thesis writers among us (and their current or future paramours who may be interested in hooking up in a thesis carrel this year).

Thanks to an anonymous tipbox contribution (and many of my classmates who gleefully announced they got a carrel) we now know that Olin thesis carrel assignments were emailed out this afternoon.

Unlike in previous years when a list of carrel assignments and the waiting list were posted only as a sheet of paper in Olin, this year’s lucky carrel recipients received individual emails alerting them of carrel assignments, while those who didn’t get a carrel (aka me) have yet to hear anything official (email after the jump).

The Verdict is Out: Thesis Carrel Assignments

Speaking of Thesiscrazy, Judgment Day is finally here: the earthly guardians of Olin Library have decided who gets a thesis carrel and who must wander like the nomads of old. The list is posted on the door of the Olin Library Office, but to save you the trip, we’ve also posted it below (courtesy of Melody’s iPhone). If you didn’t get a carrel, rest assured that your spot on the wait list is unquestionably above mine.

Here’s the process, according to the library website:

In Olin there are 94 single closed carrels and 6 doubles; so 106 students can be accommodated in closed carrels in Olin.

Since 170 or more senior Honors candidates are eligible for a carrel, and most apply for one, to be as fair as possible, Olin carrels are assigned by lottery each fall.  Eligible seniors who are not assigned a carrel are put on a waiting list.  If a carrel becomes free during the academic year, the next student on the waiting list is offered the carrel.