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Ian Coss Sings Songs With A Pipe Organ

An exciting event featuring Ian Coss ’11:

This concert was designed to take advantage of the instruments and acoustics found in Wesleyan’s Memorial Chapel. Before I lose access to these wonderful resources, I am putting on a show of mostly original music arranged for pipe organ and a small ensemble. It features Bill Carbone ’10 on drums, Andrew Fogliano ’09 on piano and synthesizers, and Nathan Shane ’13 on organ. The space is lovely; the songs will be lush and mellow. The program will last one hour.

The music will be drawn mostly from the two albums I have released this year, both available at iancoss.com

Date: April 23
Time: 9:00 – 10:00 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel

Interlocking: Balinese Kotekan Outside the Gamelan

Come check out Ian Coss ’11‘s senior recital this weekend:

The concert will present a combination of traditional Gamelan music and original pieces inspired by Balinese compositional practice. My focus is on the use of interlocking patterns that create fluid melodies out of fragmented parts. I am exploring how this technique can be translated to new musical settings outside the traditional instrumentation and repertoire of Balinese Gamelan. The program will last one hour.

  • Date: Saturday, April 16
  • Time: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Place: World Music Hall
  • Cost: Free!

Buru Style Releases New Single for Free!

Some (but not all!) of the members of Buru Style pose on a couch.

Exciting news for Buru Style fans everywhere from Bill Carbone:

After more than a year and almost 100 gigs with vocalist Toussaint Liberator, the NY-CT-MA dub collective Buru Style parked their cars and focused on making some permanent music in their new home studios. They’ve recorded nearly three albums’ worth of material, and over the next several months, the fruit of their efforts will ripen and hit the airwaves.

Buru Style’s latest single features Ajahni, a Haitian dancehall vocalist who ruled the Boston reggae scene for years with his past band Vibewise. Ajahni contributed original lyrics to Buru Style’s roller-skate-reggae reimagining of the Soul Syndicate classic “Marawana” (the gang back up vocals feature most of the Lincoln Street house). The b-side, “Infinite Wisdom,” has Ajahni riding Buru Style’s “RotoCop” riddim and features an extended-mix dub treatment by Andrew “Fatch” Fogliano.

All of the music was recorded at Wesleyan, either in the university studio or in local basements and attics. The recordings feature Bill Carbone (PhD candidate, drum/steel band teacher), Eric Sherman ’10, Ian Coss ’11, Andrew Fogliano ’09, Jake Gold ’09, Jake Schofield ’12, Brian Papish ’11, percussionist Jamemurrell Stanley and sousaphonist Tim Boucher.

“Steal Away” – New Music from Ian Coss ’11

A little over a day ago, on January 30, 2011, Ian Coss ’11 finished his first full-length solo album. “Steal Away” – the album art is shown above – features Ian on vocals, guitar, keyboard, and bass, accompanied by supporting musicians when needed. All ten of the compositions are originals by Ian himself. Ian’s official website has more information about him and a link to his bandcamp page, where you can stream his entire album for free or download it all for $5.00 minimum (meaning that you can opt to pay more if you want to donate money).

Here’s a free sample of the first track on “Steal Away,” named “Internet.” Enjoy!

01 Internet