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Soft Leaves of Pamplemousse: A Winter Concert Preview

Two of these shows are happening tonight, so hurry up and run to both at the same time.

The first few days of the semester have already paid witness to one of the most notable musical double headers in recent institutional memory, and tonight showcases another: Brooklyn’s Widowspeak takes Eclectic while rap legends Dead Prez take the stage two doors down at Psi U. This time you probably can’t attend both  (though I encourage you to try), but weep not: the coming weeks feature one of the more diverse, thrilling, and confusingly erratic musical options in a while, ranging from waffle-obsessed rap zombies to a critically embraced laptop cult genius to Ian “Actually Ian MacKaye” MacKaye. (Lecturing, not screaming.) And that’s only the tip of the Usdan iceberg lettuce station.

As always, scope out Aural Wes for a continually updated resource for all things aural and beyond at Wellesleyan College. AW’s own concert calendar can be found here. The below list is by no means exhaustive; think of it as a small smattering of the shows on campus over the next handful of weeks. I’ll continue to add to it as additional shows are confirmed and/or bitched about in the comments section.

Photos: Wesleyan Braves Ice Age For Iceage, Literally (Almost)

Sorry I couldn’t find a way to incorporate the movie Ice Age into the headline.

And we’re back. Just an hour or two after Christopher Owens romanced the Chapel, Danish punks Iceage stormed the newly constructed side stage at Eclectic, topping off what must be the best Chapel/Eclectic double feature since My Brightest Diamond vs. Bear Hands nearly two years ago to the date. Perhaps because it’s the first concert night of the semester and no one has homework (or maybe because of the dearth of punk shows last semester), a surprisingly substantial population of WesKids braved the arctic temperatures for an aptly named headliner. There was moshing and crowdsurfing and all that hooligan stuff, and the acclaimed Danish quartet held their own, alternating between 2011’s New Brigade and the upcoming You’re Nothing for a satisfying 40 minutes of punishing, rhythm-heavy noise-punk. In the words of energetic frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, “Shout-out to all the frat boys. This song is not about you.”

Here is some shoddily filmed footage from Iceage’s set. If you squint hard near the end, you can sort of make out the singer grabbing Jesse Ross-Silverman ’13 by the hair:

Iceage @ Eclectic Haus

Acclaimed Danish punks Iceage are coming to WestCo Eclectic tomorrow night, along with campus favorites Slasher Roth, Let’s Party Hats! Hats! Hats!, and Bakshi. Given the minor shortage of punk shows on campus last semester, this is probably going to be rad. More from Chelsie Green ’14:

Yes y’all, this Danish punk band of youngins is playing here this Thursday. You can hear (and even see) their youthful aggression in all its glory on the night of the first day of classes.

The band’s sophomore release, You’re Nothing, drops on 2/19. Lead “singer” Elias Rønnenfelt said in an interview that the title is not so much directed at others, “but more [about] how you can feel about yourself sometimes.” Does that sound angsty enough for you? The album is supposed to be more emotionally raw and varied than the band’s debut, not to say the debut is missing any of that…

A couple of Wes bands will be opening for this: Slasher Roth, Let’s Party Hats! Hats! Hats!, and Bakshi. All will be performing short sets beginning immediately at 10:30, with Iceage going on promptly at 11:15 since this has to end at midnight. That means you should head over with feverish haste.