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Ethan Kleinberg on Jacques Derrida

The “In Theory” lecture concludes with Ethan Kleinberg’s discussion of Derrida tomorrow (Wednesday). Be sure to get your Derrieres to Derridowney House at 4:15:

In the last installment of this semester’s “In Theory” lecture series, Professor Ethan Kleinberg (COL/History) will introduce the thought of deconstructive philosopher Jacques Derrida. After the lecture, there will be a reception in Downey Lounge.

For a Wikipedia-style Disambiguation of Derrida, click here (bottom left). For Michael Roth’s thoughts about the “In Theory” lecture series (and admirable mastery of the obvious puns involved), click here.

Date: Wednesday, December 7
Time: 4:15 – 5:15 PM
Place: Downey House 113