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Info Session for Student Forum: Intersectionality and the American War on Drugs

Paul Blasenheim ’12, campus activism coordinator extraordinaire and WesSSDP member, knows a lot about the War on Drugs in America. He’s willing to share some of that information with you (in a student forum designated AMST420, no less) if you simply show up at an information session this Sunday at 7:00 PM in PAC or contact Paul at pblasenheim(at)gmail(dot)com.

Spots are limited; get them while they’re hot:

This semester, I will be facilitating a student forum (AMST 420, 1.0 Credit) called Intersectionality and the “American” War on Drugs. The course is designed to holistically analyze the intersectional issue that is today’s global “War on Drugs,” explicitly through anti-oppression and social justice lenses. The course will challenge us to think beyond a “single-issue” paradigm, to locate the drug war within fields of power and its role in reinforcing patterns of domination. Our studies will link the drug war to institutionalized racism, heteronormativity, imperialism and compulsory able-bodiedness, as well as specific issues including immigration, globalization, indigenous sovereignty, the prison-industrial complex, sex work, militarization in Latin America, addiction and environmental justice.