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Huff Post Still Loves Us; Gawker Holds Tongue

President Roth has been writing for the Huffington Post for nearly two years now, and it seems only to have increased Wes’s already high visibility on Arianna Huffington’s notoriously left-leaning news site. Last semester we were listed as one of the Top Non-Traditional Schools, last week we were compared to Outkast (If Rappers Were Colleges . . .), and this week we’re listed as the country’s Tenth Most Intellectual College:

As one says, “What I love about Wes is that it’s okay to get enthusiastic about the things that were uncool in high school. This is not to say that all of my friends share my enthusiasm for 19th century British social customs, or particularly tech-savvy stage lighting equipment, but I’ve never felt dismissed for being interested in those things. Plus, more often than not, the person you’re talking to is equally interested in some related dorky thing.”

Bet you can’t guess which school takes the number one spot. Actually, you know what? Don’t bother. Forget I even mentioned it. Really.

Note: It’s worth pointing out that the list takes its student testimonies from Unigo.com—you know, that big helpful college review site started by Jordan Goldman ’04, whom you may recognize as a major figure in Jacques Steinberg’s The Gatekeepers, and, later, creator of The Students’ Guide to Colleges, which is honestly partially responsible for my applying to Wes. Craziness.

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