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AEPi, Rho Ep Ask for Consideration Before Student/Administrator Committee; Roth Says No

You may have heard of the controversy surrounding AEPi and Rho Epsilon Pi’s joint petition to be considered for a spot as a program house. Essentially, 230 Washington, previously Interfaith house, is opening up to become a new program house. Anyone can propose a new theme, given that you get signatures of interested peoples to live in it. Applications are due to ResLife this Friday, November 30.

The issue is that Roth has unilaterally banned AEPi & Rho Ep from applying and presenting their proposal to the committee of students and administrators. Regardless of their specific missions, AEPi and Rho Ep feel that “this is discriminatory and a violation of the program housing application process.” (Full quotation from petition after the jump.)

Thy Will Be Done: Film Screening and Pizza Dinner

Internationally acclaimed Cute Roulette connoisseur Emily Kianka ’13 writes in:

Brought to you by the Interfaith Justice League and Interfaith House, Thy Will Be Done is a brand new documentary about the first transgender minister in the Presbyterian Church. There will be free pizza and a lively discussion afterwards! Here’s the blurb:

“Thy Will Be Done follows Male-to-Female Transsexual Sara Herwig in her journey to ordination in the Presbyterian Church. The Church’s conservative groups do not recognize Sara as female and challenge her fitness and eligibility to be a pastor. In addition, it is crucial to Sara’s success that she has support from friends and family. The documentary explores the way in which alternative lifestyles and permanent choices of identity have the power to tear a family completely to pieces, only to bind it back together again, more closely but differently, than it has ever been before.

Writing House and Interfaith House still accepting apps!

So this post is pretty damn self-explanatory, but here’s the info anyway:

Alicia Fuhrman ’12 writes in:

Last call for Writing House applications to vie for the final spots available in the glorious 23-person community. If the mass of wonderful and possibly like-minded individuals does not appeal, perhaps the spacious lounge(s), library, kitchen, courtyard, and air of creative encouragement will. Link follows. Deadline for open bidding is March 31 at 5PM, but obviously the sooner you submit the sooner you will hear back (hopefully with an offer).


On a side note, if you’re not interested in being a resident but still want to be in on the goings-on, several author visitors (whose writings span from food politics and feminism to fiction) are on the radar for the coming months, and the compilation of the alphabetic cookbook is also in the works. Stay tuned for some more faculty workshop opportunities as well. Email afuhrman(at)wesleyan(dot)edu should any questions surface.

Deena Godfrey ’12 retorts, saying

GRS IS SCARY!!!!! Apply to Interfaith House!

Why go through the crazy process of GRS where you can easily live in a wonderful community with awesome people and great facilities? Interfaith House has organized major all-campus events such as the Fast-a-thon, Park51 panel discussion, Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation, and the Winter Festival!

We have a huge kitchen, our own laundry room, and a decked out lounge with a ping-pong table, piano, and bean-bags!

If you’re interested in living in this awesome house next year, email dgodfrey(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

House Hopping Day: Cardinal Sinners Concert at INTERFAITH/LIGHTHOUSE

Deena Godfrey ’12 fo’ the double whammy:

Stop by 230 Washington St this Sunday, anytime from 12-5pm, to check out the house, play some ping pong, and eat some snacks.
At 3pm the incredibly talented Cardinal Sinners will be performing so be sure to come over and listen to some beautiful music.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Date:   Feb. 20
Time:   Noon – 5:00 PM
Place:  230 Washington St- Interfaith and Lighthouse

Religion and Sci-Fi @ Interfaith House

From Carmen Yip ’12:

Religion, and Sci-Fi? Never thought the two would go together? Come for a discussion with two faculty members, Professor Gottschalk (RELI) and Professor Pinch (HIST). We will talk about the presence of G-d in Matrix and such. Free dinner will be served.

Directions to Interfaith House (awesome house!): 230 Washington Street, just between La Casa and Writing/Full House. About two minutes away from Russell House.

  • Date: Today, February 16
  • Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Place: Interfaith House

Interfaith Brunch

Think the world would be a better place if people of different religions would just get along? Come to a discussion and free brunch catered by Brew Bakers, and meet the (Muslim, Christian, and Jewish) chaplains and Interfaith Justice League. Students of all (and no) religious affiliations and backgrounds are encouraged to attend!

Date: Saturday, Feb. 12
Time: Noon – 2:00 PM
Place: Albritton 311

Apply to Interfaith House

Didn’t have time to apply before spring break? No worries, Interfaith House is still accepting applications.

The purpose of Interfaith House is to provide a place where students can openly discuss and learn about different religions. We also build upon common elements within all religions such as love, social justice, and concern for the environment.

Interfaith House is a closely knit-community of students who enjoy each other’s company and love hanging out together. We regularly cook house meals in our decked-out kitchen and play video games, board games, and ping-pong in our comfortable living room. We even have a study room and laundry room! Memorable house programs include: Smash Prejudice!, What is Spirituality discussion, Valentines Brunch and Card-Making for the Elderly, and the FAST-A-THON!

Please check out the following hilarious house videos, they are AWESOME: a Music Video and an MTV Cribs Tour

(By the way, in the time that it took you to watch those 2 movies you could have already walked from Interfaith house to Usdan)

Live in Interfaith House next semester!

Interfaith House is a wonderful house with both diversity and a warm community. Our residents love meaningful interfaith conversations but most important of all – food! A lot of cooking and fun around 24/7. Also known for having the best beanbags on campus.There are 2 double spots open. Contact Carmen Yip ‘12 at nyip(at)wesleyan(dot)edu for information. Application due by Dec. 5th!