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Kickoff Meeting for Interfaith Justice League

Em Kianka ’13 invites you to a kickoff, in Espwesso of all places:

Interested in interreligious dialogue? Want to help expand and add depth to the conversations about religion on this campus? Passionate about fighting for social justice?

Tomorrow is the Interfaith Justice League’s kickoff meeting of the year! We are meeting at 5:30 PM in Espwesso (bottom floor of
Allbritton) and will be talking about ideas for programs this semester.

All new members are welcome! If you have ever wanted to come to an IJL meeting, now is the time to come!

Date: Thursday, September 20
Time: 5:30 pm
Place: Espwesso

Interfaith Roundtable

Comin’ in from Carmen Yip ’12:

Don’t turn away just at the sight of the word “interfaith” or “religion”? Instead, you should feel really pumped up for a good conversation and join us in Woodhead Lounge in Exley this Thursday 10/20 at 6:30pm.

This dinner is targeting at all religious student groups at Wes, but everyone is welcome.  We want student leaders to know one another, and to share their year plans/calendars and look for co-programming ideas.

Seriously, don’t miss out!

&& Bring a dish, it’s a potluck after all.

Date: Oct. 20 – Oct. 20
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge
Cost: $0

Interfaith “Better Together” Brunch

Another event during WesFest from Carmen Yip ’12:

Come celebrate a fruitful year of interfaith work and education! Interfaith Justice League has done amazing programs such as Fast-a-Thon, What IF discussion and the Park 51 Panel. Additionally, there will be representatives from different religious and spiritual communities in Wesleyan. You will get to know about the spiritual life in our school!

There will be home-cooked brunch food as well as delicious sandwiches from Brew Bakers, free!
Check out our blog for more updates!

Generously sponsored by:
Interfaith Youth Core
ORSL and Father Hal

House Hopping Day: Cardinal Sinners Concert at INTERFAITH/LIGHTHOUSE

Deena Godfrey ’12 fo’ the double whammy:

Stop by 230 Washington St this Sunday, anytime from 12-5pm, to check out the house, play some ping pong, and eat some snacks.
At 3pm the incredibly talented Cardinal Sinners will be performing so be sure to come over and listen to some beautiful music.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Date:   Feb. 20
Time:   Noon – 5:00 PM
Place:  230 Washington St- Interfaith and Lighthouse

Interfaith Brunch

Think the world would be a better place if people of different religions would just get along? Come to a discussion and free brunch catered by Brew Bakers, and meet the (Muslim, Christian, and Jewish) chaplains and Interfaith Justice League. Students of all (and no) religious affiliations and backgrounds are encouraged to attend!

Date: Saturday, Feb. 12
Time: Noon – 2:00 PM
Place: Albritton 311

Campus Alpha – Lighthouse

Abraham Ngu ’13 wants to tell you:

Come explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, no pressure setting through the Campus Alpha which 7- week course led by students that includes a dinner, a half hour video clip and then a discussion. Runs every Friday from 02/11/2011 till 04/22/2011, 6.30pm – 9.00pm at Lighthouse. Please email angu(at)wesleyan(dot)edu for more details or to sign up.

First Meeting:

Date:   Feb. 11
Time:   6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Place:  Lighthouse, 230 Washington St.

Apply to Live in Interfaith House!

Deena Godfrey ’12 also wants to live with you next semester.  Look at you, you’re so popular!

Interfaith house is a wonderful community full of awesome people who are interested in engaging in lots of community service and social justice programs. We welcome all types of people from all backgrounds. No religious affiliation is necessary, just an openness to learning! We have amazing facilities which include a gigantic kitchen, laundry room, study room, and lounge!

Some house programs we have done this year are: Cookies for Coexistence, Islamophobia and Park 51, and of course, the FAST-A-THON!!!!

We have some vacancies for next semester (including a single) and would love to have more people in the house. If you are interested in joining this awesome house please email dgodfrey(at)wesleyan(dot)edu for an application. Applications are due by November 21 at 5 PM.

If you’re not convinced, check out their awesome house music video from last year!

Islamophobia and Park51: The “Othering” of Muslims in America

The Interfaith Justice League and ResLife present a panel discussion where Wesleyan’s Muslim chaplain Sister Marwa, Prof. Attiya Ahmad (Religion department) and Prof. Elvin Lim (Government department) will respond to anonymous questions submitted by Wesleyan students, relating to Islam, Islamophobia and contrasting portrayals of Park51 in the American media.

The entire student body is invited to attend this important event. Please submit any relevant questions that you would like to ask the panel to dgodfrey@wesleyan.edu by midnight on Nov 3. You can also fill out a “question card” at our table in Usdan during lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you cannot attend you are still encouraged to submit any questions that you might have.

What: Islamophobia and Park51: The “Othering” of Muslims in America
When: Thur Nov 4, 4.30pm
Where: Shanklin 107
Facebook event

Interfaith Dinner – What is Spirituality?

Carmen Yip ‘12 writes:

Come join us for dinner (free Haveli food!) and meaningful discussions on what religion and spirituality means to you. You don’t need to be religious to join. Come with an open mind and heart! There will be students and staff of different faiths and views – all these add up to a yummy dinner with great conversations! The dinner will be hosted at Interfaith House (230 Wash) with the Soul Matters class held beforehand.

WHEN: 16 Nov 2009 (Monday)
TIME: 6:30 pm (dinner)
WHERE: Interfaith House (230 Washington Street)

Mystical/Theological discussion group at Interfaith House

10 sefirotFrom Jared Gimbel ’11:

Perhaps maybe you’ve always wanted to share something we all know about but never glimpse in the same way. Concerning the idea of God and the idea of the world (note the separation between the two), whether you believe one, both, or neither to exist, we need to find out exactly how similar our opinions, as different as they seem, actually are to one another.

Come, and let us partake of the great secrets of the Mystical tradition throughout the ages!

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 7
Time: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Place: Interfaith House