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WesMUN Meeting

MUN Final
From the hella ratchet Djibril “Djiby/Djibs” Sall ’16:

WesMUN is coming to wreck the international politics stage! We’re badass policy makers and we take international problems to task! So come be classy and world-saving by day and be crazy and semi-ratchet (we’re still foreign dignitaries, so we have to keep some semblence of class) by night!

First semester meeting is in PAC 002 at 2:30. Join Us!

Date: Tomorrow, February 10
Time: 2:30pm
Place: PAC 002

“International Relations Conference”: A Resume Booster

“Sneaky” Anike Arni ’13 writes in about something that’s socially positive, but phrases it in morally hollow terms (see title):

Wesleyan’s International Relations Association would like to invite you to apply to be in the IR conference organizing team. Though the conference is only in the fall, on October 6th (which means, seniors, you can’t get in on this), the fun start now!!

The topic of the conference is “The Cold War of the Middle East: Iran – Saudi Arabian Relations” — let’s get a grasp on why Iran is the new “threat”. Pretty timely and important topic. And we got some pretty important people coming to talk about it.

So, we’re inviting you to organize, network, design, deal with money, put together concerts, or simply lead. There’s a job for everyone. (Committee descriptions here).

And, yes, you do get to put this on your resume. So, apply now online. Deadline is March 2nd(this Friday!!). (No one is rejected, of course, but we want to know which position is the best for you).

WIRA loves you! If you have any questions, shoot them this way: wira(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

List of speakers and details after the jump.