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This Saturday: A Chance to Hear About Some Fellow Students’ Research Adventures Abroad

The Office of Internation Studies and SIT (School for International Training) Study Abroad present: a conference on “The Joys, Challenges, and Uses of Student Research Abroad.”

All day this Saturday, April 26, drop by Usdan to learn about the experiences of seven Wesleyan students (myself included) who lived and did research abroad. Come if you’re interested in international or intercultural issues or the politics of study abroad programs, if you’ve been abroad and you miss it, or if you’re thinking of going in the future. Each presenter will talk about the challenges, lessons, and rewards of hir study abroad experience and will discuss the research ze performed. And it will be way more interesting/exciting than I’m making it sound.

Schedule of Events
9:45 am Coffee and pastries
10:00 am Opening remarks
–Carolyn Sorkin, Director of International Studies, Wesleyan University
–Rebecca Hovey, Globally Engaged Scholar, SIT Study Abroad

10:15 am Panel I: Africa:
–Jessica Posner, SIT Kenya: Development, Health, and Society
“The Face Behind the Mask: A Play About Poverty”
–Johanna Richlin, SIT Ghana: Arts & Culture
“Invoking the Israelites: The Manifestations of Hebraic Identity in Ghana”
–Jettie Word, SIT Cameroon: Culture and Development
“From Buenos Aires to the Bamileke: Foreign Narrative and Gender Dynamics in Cameroon”
–Matt Podolin, SIT Kenya: Health, Development, and Society
“Developing Community-Sensitive Sexual Health Education: An Examination Through Kibera Youth”

11:45 am Panel II: East and West
–Alissa Greenberg, SIT Yunnan
“‘Once Upon a Time’ in the Valley: Storytelling and Ethnic Identity on the Nu River, China”
–Maura Scully, SIT Ireland: Peace and Conflict Studies
“Walls: Space, Violence and Group Identity in Ethnic Conflict”
–Lindsay Weber, SIT The Balkans: Gender, Transformation, and Civil Society
“poetic terrorism//this is your true desire” Autonomous Spaces, Organizing, and Squatting in Two Croatian Urban Environments”

1:00 pm Lunch
2:30 pm Roundtable: Wesleyan faculty and SIT Academic Directors discuss the joys, challenges and uses of student research abroad, and offer some suggestions on how to do it well


What: A Research Abroad conference featuring student presentations based on time in the Balkans, Ireland, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, and China
When: Saturday, April 26, 9:45 AM- 4 PM
Where: Andersen Meeting Room (110), Usdan

Conference to showcase intl. student research

From Catherine Ngo ’08:

The Office of International Studies and World Learning’s SIT Study Abroad are organizing a conference at Wesleyan on student research abroad. Basically, lots of Wesleyan students do cool projects all over the planet, come home, and then no one else ever hears about the projects.

The OIS is hoping this conference will give students a chance to tell their professors (and friends) about their independent study projects or other research abroad. We are interested in your particular research experiences in other countries, the creative ways you have solved challenges (or made the most of failures) in your research, and how what you learned is shaping what you’re doing back at Wes.

The conference is scheduled for Friday, April 25 and Saturday, April 26.

If you are interested in presenting your research at this conference, please submit the attached document to the director of OIS, Dr. Carolyn Sorkin by Friday, April 4, 2008.

Even if you are not interested in presenting a research project but are still interested in helping out, please let OIS know!