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DRUNK, S0BER, H1GH: Vice Presidential Debate Liveblog

Hello. The vice presidential debates are about to start (@9). Like last week’s presidential showdown, we’re liveblogging the action. This time there’s a twist. Inspired by NYU Local’s Drunk Sober High feature, the debate will be covered by three anonymous Wesleyingers in varying states of consciousness. p-safe will be sober(ish?). gettincrunkman¬†will be drunk. giantepgoynte¬†will be high. Yes, really. This will be fun! Politics! Internet! Liveblog updates past the jump:

It’s Friday, I’m Zack (sic?), and Other Revelations

Yo, Spring Break interweb-dwellers, it’s officially Friday, Friday (fun! fun! fun! fun!), but put away your Rebecca Black, because Bar Mitzvah boy celebrity Zack Freiman has her beat in the 13-year-old music video internet phenomenon sweepstakes. Why weren’t Bar Mitzvah videos this dope back in my day (read: 2003)?

For more info on how to stay in your break-induced workless web-coma till Sunday, click on; general spring break internet treatz ‘n treasurez abound.