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iPhone Film Festival

From Jose Luis ’18:

As part of our mission to facilitate student filmmaking of all levels on campus, we will be asking participants to shoot and edit films all within a 48 hour time period using only their smartphones as cameras. Filmmakers will work individually or in teams to shoot, edit, and submit their films. There will be a landing page and a Usdan table where people will be able to submit.

Date: Friday, October 12th to Sunday, October 18
Time: 4:30pm
Place: Usdan tables


Cameraphone: An Exhibition of Mobile Photography

From Albert Tholen ’15:

Calling all photographers and visual artists—even if you haven’t thought of yourself as one until now! The Arts Collective is curating an exhibition of photos that rarely escape our screens into the material world.

All submissions must have been captured and processed, or created, on a mobile phone. Individual photos, as well as series, will be considered so submit as many or as few photographs as you’d like.

The exhibition will take place on the afternoon of May 10th in Eclectic and will be accompanied by music, refreshments, and millennial optimism.

Please send submissions and direct any questions to atholen@wes. Submission are due May 4th.

Zack Sulsky ’13 Creates Sketch-a-Song App

“Everyone loves music and wants to be creative, but many people don’t have an outlet to do it. We wanted to make it as easy and accessible and forgiving as possible, so that anyone could make music.”


Zack Sulsky ’13, a self-proclaimed “music theory nerd” and music major here at Wesleyan, has recently used his thorough understanding of music to create a song-making app, Sketch-a-Song. Last summer, Zack collaborated with a handful of high school buddies from his hometown of Denver, Colorado, to design the app. The app, available on both Android and iOS, is designed for amateur musicians. The user places notes on the screen, creating a looped song with the option of then sending their new tune to a friend for collaboration. With a number of instruments to choose from, the final product may even be good enough to download, which the app allows users to do.

Read past the jump for our interview with and photo of the handsome (and charitable) Zack Sulsky.

WesPoints: It’s Finally Here

You bitched about it in the shoutbox, and we told you to sit tight. “If only, if only,” the woodpecker sighs, “I could calculate my points and meals expenditure on my iPhone or iPod touch while on the go.”

Now, thanks to the grinding labor of Anonymous Whoever ‘?? and the Wesleyan iOS Application Development Club, you can. That’s thanks to WesPoints, “a points calendar made by Wesleyan students for Wesleyan students,” compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The developers write:

A Wesleyan points/meals calculator of Spring’12. Calculate the spendings of your points and meals this Spring semester using this application on your iPhone and/or iPod touch!

Attn All Tools

Having recently procured an Iphone, i was soon frustrated by repeatedly having to log into Cisco before I could get on the internet. Other users suggested turning off wifi entirely and just using the slower Edge network.

I’ve found a better solution. Turns out if you keep the Logon Information page open in a window, you can simply hit the refresh button on the address bar and it will automatically resend the information without you having to type it in.

It’s really nice when your last name is something long, like, say, Schlesinger.

Apparently this works for all Macs. My next-door neighbor keeps the page always open on a tab on her firefox, and just refreshes it whenever she needs to.

EDIT (by Matt): Alternatively, you can send an email to helpdesk with the MAC address of your iPhone or iPod touch, and they will push it through clean access, so that you don’t have to deal with cisco ever again, at least not on your iPhone/iTouch. The mac address will look something like 12:34:56:78:9A:BC, and you can find it under Settings–>General–>About–> Wi-Fi Address. It basically makes it work like it was designed to, so that you don’t have to open safari before, say, weather, and so that you can have it automatically check your mail.

Before you get too excited, though, be aware that this policy only applies to iPhones, and possibly other mobile devices.

EDIT: Do not email Help Desk with the MAC addresses of your iPhone/iPod Touch. You must physically bring your iPhone/iPod Touch into the Help Desk in order for us to register it. We need proof that the MAC address belongs to a device that we are allowed to exempt from Cisco Clean Access, so we must physically see the device and its MAC address. (Justin)

iPhone on AirWes

For those of you iPhoners out there, it seems that ITS has updated its network to allow iPhones access to wireless. All you have to do is connect to AirWes, and open a safari page, where you’ll be redirected to login using clean access. The only problem is that if you move to a different location on campus, or don’t have your iPhone on for a while, it’ll make you login again, and if you’re not logged in and try to use some internet application besides Safari (maps, weather, youtube), it’ll just sit there and wait for the WiFi connection to work, which it won’t, and not activate EDGE.

OMG! It’s the Apple iPhone!

As Wesleying’s resident Apple evangelist, I just wanted to issue a reminder: start your drooling. iPhone launches at 6 PM on June 29. Get ready to stand in line for days outside your local Apple/AT&T store.