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What’s Up With Usdan Receipts?


Apparently there’s a Usdan receipt conspiracy. I’ve been hearing around campus lately that the Marketplace has been failing to give receipts to students, most notably at brunch. Maybe it’s deliberate, or maybe it’s a minor slip-up. Either way, at this point in the semester, most of us are dangerously low on meals or points (or maybe both), and getting our receipts is quite helpful. So I set out to investigate the matter.

For one, this required actually going to Usdan, which I barely do. But I Usdan-ed religiously this week, motivated by the quest to get to the bottom of this receipt dilemma.

Irene Damage Report

Irene was demoted from hurricane to tropical storm shortly before reaching Connecticut, but the storm still made its presence known in good old Middletown—knocking down trees from Pearl to Main Street, destroying an entire porch on Hunting Hill, and leaving about 40% of the city’s residents without power.

Meanwhile, throughout Connecticut, one person died from a storm-related fire in Prospect, a canoeist remains missing, and houses in East Haven have been destroyed or washed away from the wind and rain, reports the Middletown Press.