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Wesleyan Perpetuates One-Party Domination of “Democratic” Filmmaking Competition

The Ivy Film Festival’s 48 Hour Film Competition has appeared on this blog multiple times in recent years. The competition is open to teams of students based at colleges anywhere, and according to its website, claims the following motivations:

The time constraint of 48 hours energizes the filmmaking process and challenges students to put their visions into action. The result is a whirlwind weekend of filmmaking and the satisfaction of a finished product at the end. Our goal is to promote creativity and filmmaking, and to light the spark under hopeful filmmakers across the country.

While uninformed observers may find this “fun”, “cool”, or “generally a good idea”, the picture is not so simple. The critical thinking skills that my time at Wesleyan has bestowed upon me – and hopefully Wesleying readers – reveal something much more sinister. I’d like to start by looking at the winners of the 48 hour competition from past years.

And this brings us to the current year’s competition. Perhaps you can already guess the results?

  • 2012Glory, directed by Sora. Runner-up: Tourist Season, directed by Bogosian. Glory is embedded below, so you can sadly shake your head as you watch:

Once again, Wesleyan’s team wins top honors.  Congratulations are in order. Or are they?

WesKids Almost Die Making 48 Hour Film (Definitely Probably Maybe Not an Exaggeration)

Yeah, if you don’t believe me, ask Adrien DeFontaine ’13, Albert Tholen ’15, and Neo Sora ’14. Each one will confirm that the other two chief collaborators died on the set of a movie they made in 48 hours, while working on entirely different movies. Adrien Explains It All:

Glory is the hypothetical origin story of an elderly woman who mans a glory hole in the men’s bathroom of a diner. Yup.

The movie was written, directed, shot, and produced by Neo Sora ’14, Albert Tholen ’15, and I ’13 for the Ivy Film Festival 48 Hour Film Competition. The idea of participating this year largely started as a joke. To explain: Neo has participated in this competition every year of college. I worked with him and a bunch of other friends 2 years ago on a film that ended up winning. We quickly realized this year’s competition was gonna fall on the weekend of several thesis films we were shooting (Will Feinstein‘s and Ethan Young‘s [both ’13]), but decided it would be funny to try and put together some sort of meta-film about shooting a movie while on set. [Neo “Toot Dem Horns” Sora wants to add that Adrien was DPing Ethan’s film while ADing Will’s (THREE FUCKING FILMS IN ONE FUCKING WEEKEND), Neo DPed Will’s, and Albert ACed Will’s. If those abbreviations mean anything to you, they shouldn’t.] Ew. Thank god we actually wrote a story. Anyway, the whole idea of the film evolved from the fact that we were working 10-14 hour days on these thesis films and needed something that could be shot quickly. We started writing on Friday at around 10:30pm and hit upload right at the deadline, 8pm on Sunday. We didn’t really sleep.  [Ed. note: Now they are sleeping, because they are dead.]
The film features Hibiki Mizuno ’15 and John Allison (as well as a couple cameos), a score played by Danny Sullivan ’13 in one take, and Albert giving birth/in a dress. Special thanks to Will and Ethan for being really cool about the whole thing.
Anyway, you can watch and vote for the film here.  We really appreciate your support!

As I wrote last year, and am lazily copypasting this year, “now is as good a time as ever to act out of loyalty towards a perceived ingroup member watch every entry and determine which short film most deserves public recognition for quality filmmaking and an engrossing viewing experience!” I haven’t watched any of the others yet, but I can definitely find myself being off task for the 35 minutes it’ll take to do so by the deadline this Sunday, so you should too, probably maybe potentially in theory (just like communism). The deadline is this Sunday, the 18th, at midnight; Vote, vote, vote!

For past coverage of 48 hour film projects at Wes, check the tag (and ignore that I literally live with one of the filmmakers).


IFF 48 Hour Film Competition: Wes Entry from the You Kay (Vote!)

Happy not-quite-Thanksgiving, college students, pizza vegetarians, and vegan section devotees alike. With the latest in a long line of no-longer politically correct fall holidays coming up, you may have overlooked one of the most important ones that passed just last week – the Ivy Film Festival 48 Hour Film Competition, of course!

Run out of a seedy back alley affectionately termed “Brown University”, the IFF 48-hour competition encourages – well, if you’re entering, requires – college undergraduate entrants to make a film, “including scripting, shooting, costuming, set design, editing, rehearsing, sound design, etc.“, in two complete turns o’ the earth. So, just last weekendNeo Sora ’13 ’14 (;__;) did exactly that.  Wesleyan’s favorite Kingdom Hearts / The Matrix crossover character didn’t just create this entry from abroad – he did it with incredibly minimal personnel, only enlisting the talents of one other actor, a secondary cameraperson, and the dining establishment in which the steadier shots take place . Check it out:

Want to show some support for this 48-hour, almost-solo project beyond trolling the comments section? Voting is open until Wednesday – so now is as good a time as ever to act out of loyalty towards a perceived ingroup member watch every entry and determine which short film most deserves public recognition for quality filmmaking and an engrossing viewing experience! (Seriously: I myself enjoyed the others, especially Cold Steel. Check them out, too.) Vote, vote, vote!

Vote in IFF Competition

A few weeks ago we posted about a group of nine students who participated in the Ivy Film Festival’s 48-hour film festival. (The film that resulted, after a grueling weekend of speed-filmmaking, can be viewed here.)

Neo Sora ’13 writes in to announce that voting for the festival is now open:

Voting is now open for the 48 hour Ivy Film Festival Competition! Please vote for your fellow Wesleyan students at this site. You have to register, but it only takes your email and a few minutes!