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Where Are They Now

On the subject (sort of) of the consumption of fecal matter comes a short on CollegeHumor entitled “The Truth About Werewolves.” Written and directed by our own Jacob Fleisher ’99previously featured on this blog in similar capacities–the bit takes an *ahem* interesting approach to the subject matter. The dichotomy he builds against his previous opus, Intercourse with a Vampire, makes this a work of true cinematic genius.

So go, watch, and find out, as Jake says, “how not to pay off your student loans.”

In fact, I’ll make it easy for you… you don’t even have to go anywhere.

I can only pray no dogs were harmed in the making of that film.

Comedy Central Video by Alum ’99

Last we reported on Jacob Fleicher ’99, the comedy writer and self-proclaimed “tallest working screenwriter” in LA was depicting fictional “Ransom Note-Writing Workshops” inspired by Professor Anne Greene and the Wesleyan Writers’ Workshop.

This week Fleicher sends in a new video–less immediately relevant to Wes, but with some familiar themes, music by David Cope ’00, and a “real-live famous person” (!!!):

I’ve got a new video  and it stars Selma Blair and this guy Jason Ritter, he’s on that NBC show “the event,” but he’s also hilarious, an awesome actor and maybe the nicest famous (semi-famous) person I’ve ever met. Anyway, check it out, maybe the current Wesleyans might enjoy it. (Oh, also, if you want to know, I’m actually in this one. I play the crazy cop with the handlebar mustache.)