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TONIGHT: Japan Society Dessert Party

Hibi-Chan ’15 is kawaiiiiii~~~~*~*~*~*~***:

When: TONIGHT 8:00-10:00 PM
Where: 136 High Street
What: FREE vanilla ice cream and sweet red bean sauce + POCKY STICKS!
Why: Because you love Japanese food and J-POP.

Everyone come, mingle and munch away to kick off your Friday night!



Japanese Anime Movie Screening: Tekkonkinkreet

Saturday night, come watch one of the most amazingly epic and mindblowing anime films ever.*

Two street orphans, Black and White, battle against Yakuza and alien assassins vying to rule the decaying metropolis of Treasure Town.

  • Best Film, 2006 Mainichi Film Awards
  • #1 film, 2006 NY MoMA Artforum’s “Best of”
  • “Best original story” & “Best art direction” from the Tokyo International Anime Fair
  • Animation of the Year, 2008 Japan Academy Prize

Official Site
Facebook Event

Sponsored by Japanese House and Japan Society.

Date: Saturday, December 5
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place: Shanklin 107

*SERIOUSLY. I’m not kidding, your life will be forever changed. Don’t miss your chance to experience this masterpiece on a big screen. For free.