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Recruiting for Top 40 Cover Band

Will Feinstein ’13 sends in some important info for anyone who has ever dreamed about performing psuedo-ironic Lady Gaga covers to Jason Reitman‘s delight:

Wesleyan’s dankest Top-40 Cover Band, Haters in the Building, is back and recruiting more musicians, rappers, singers, hype-people, whatever. Last year, the Haters rolled deep and played some excellent shows. After attending one show, director Jason Reitman (Up in the Air, Juno) tweeted: “As much fun as Coachella was, it did not compare to this basement concert at Wesleyan.”

So if you want to get involved, shoot an email over to wfeinstein(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Hollywood Twitter Love

Do you know who Jason Reitman is? He directed Up in the Air and spoke at the Wesleyan film series on Thursday night. Do you know who Haters in the Building are? They’re Wesleyan’s new top 40 cover band, and they made their debut after the film series on Thursday night. This is what happens when Jason Reitman and Haters in the Building combine on a Thursday night at Wesleyan:

ZOMG we’re famous. Photo after the jump.