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Wesleyan professors’ books reviewed in NYT

The New York Times is good for more than telling us how rich Yale is. As Ashik Siddique ’10 noticed, the Times also reviewed two books by Wesleyan professors this weekend.

Chair of the Film Department Jeanine Basinger‘s recent book The Star Machine appeared twice this weekend:

Also, an article called Cartoon Villains reviewed Islamophobia: Making Muslims the Enemy, by Professor of Religion Peter Gottschalk and Wes alumnus Gabriel Greenberg (see right).

While checking out these reviews for myself, I also came across the Times‘ Education Life section. I haven’t read any of it yet, but it looks interesting and has features on campus protests, summer internships, and S.D.S..

The Film Mafia

The Hartford Courant’s Susan Dunne reports on Wesleyan’s film mafia at this years Tribeca Film Festival in New York:

“Judging from the lineup at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, it seems there might be one foolproof method not only to get a foot in the door in Hollywood, but also to become well-established, steadily working and well-respected:

Get a degree from Wesleyan University.

This year, seven Wesleyan graduates have films at the festival, which finishes up today in lower Manhattan.

Jeanine Basinger, head of the film studies department at the Middletown campus, says it isn’t just the quality of the film school, but Wesleyan’s emphasis on well-rounded liberal arts education that makes its graduates sought out in Hollywood. She also credits a time-tested network of graduates all ready to help each other.

In a business where “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know” is a rule, this is invaluable.

“We are one of the only schools I know of that gives exit interviews with job references,” Basinger says. “When they go out there, they have people to call, and I have never known any of our graduates to refuse to help a fellow Wesleyan graduate.

“We have about 400 people now working out there,” Basinger says. “They call them the `Wesleyan mafia.’ And I’m the godmother.”

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