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Yiddish Dance Extravaganza

From Andrew Chatfield:

An evening of live klezmer music by Wesleyan’s klezmer band Veeblefetzer and Yiddish dancing led by Steve Weintraub. Co-sponsored by the Music Department and the Jewish and Israel Studies Program.

Date: Friday, October 24th, 2014
Time: 5:30 PM
Place: The Bayit

Symposium: Archaeology and Politics

From Ali Rosenberg ’15:

Come to the Archaeology and Politics Symposium featuring:

  • Epistemology and Ethics of an Activist Science at the African Burial Ground (Michael Blakey, College of William and Mary)
  • The Role of Archaeology and Community: The Shared Past of Israelis and Palestinians in the Present (Ann E. Killebrew, Pennsylvania State University)
  • The Politics of Naming and Knowing: Repatriation and Indigenous Identity (Dorothy Lippert, Smithsonian Museum)
  • The Politics of Protection (and Destruction) of Archaeological Sites in Contemporary India (Carla M. Sinopoli, University of Michigan)

Sponsored by the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life, the Archaeology Program, the Government Department, and Jewish and Israel Studies.

Date: Friday, November 8
Time: 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Place: Allbritton, Room 311

Judaism and Islam: Between History and Polemics

New professor alert! Elisha Russ-Fishbane will be joining Wesleyan’s Religion Department and Jewish and Israel Studies in July. If you can’t wait that long to hear about interactions between Judaism and Islam in medieval Egypt, check out this lecture tomorrow, details courtesy of Clare McGranahan ’13:

The talk will address Jewish approaches to Islam from a historical and modern perspective.

Elisha Russ-Fishbane received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations in 2009. His dissertation, Between Politics and Piety: Abraham Maimonides and His Times, is a historical investigation into Egyptian Jewish society in the thirteenth century. It explores religious transformations of Egyptian Jewry, whose rituals and inner ideals reflect profound impact of contemporary Sufism, in the social and political context of contemporary transformations and upheavals in Egypt. Elisha Russ-Fishbane is now a Tikvah Postdoctoral Fellow in Jewish Thought at Princeton University and will be joining Wesleyan’s Religion Department and Jewish and Israel Studies in July.

Date: Thursday, April 19
Time: 4:30 pm
Place: PAC 004
Cost: Free

YallaWes Meeting, this Thursday

It’s a cold day out there, folks. And like most cold days, it’s a tough, tough day for Men With No Body Hair, like myself (but presumably not Zach, or A-Batte). Anyway, Miriam Buh-guh ’12 writes in:

This THURSDAY at 9 in Usdan 110 YALLAWES, a new group to increase campus awareness and dialogue about the Israel/Palestine conflict, is having a very important meeting! If you or your friends have wanted to get involved but haven’t yet had the chance this is the week because we are going to be planning out our schedule for the rest of the semester!

(For more info, check out the description after the jump)

Date:   Oct. 13
Time:   9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Place:  Usdan 110

Conflict Muffins: Not Tasty! (YallaWes)

Miriam Berger ’12 and Hadas Werman ’14 write in:

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Muffins: Not Tasty! What’s there to do about it?

YallaWes is a student group to raise awareness about Israeli/Palestinian issues. The group is meant to be a forum for all voices to be heard and a channel through which we can bring speakers, films, events, and especially knowledge regarding the subject to Wes. The first meeting is Wed. September 14 from 6-7 pm in Usdan Rm 110 and we’ll be having gourmet pizza!! It will be an introductory meeting/information session where we can openly discuss our goals for the semester.

What: YallaWes Meet
When: Wed, Sep 14, 6-7pm
Where: Usdan Rm 110

Food food food food food.

“A Changing Middle East: What’s Next in Israel and Palestine”: A Conversation With Israeli Journalist Bradley Burston, Feb 9th

Miriam Berger ’12 wants to inform you fine folks about:

As the peace process hangs in the balance, Egypt erupts in protests, and concern grows over the illiberal direction of Israel’s democratic institutions, renowned Israeli commentator Bradley Burston will discuss the political future of the region and prospects for a peace agreement.

Food will be served!

Benny Morris on "The First Arab-Israeli War"

There will be a lecture tomorrow night by Benny Morris. Here’s the official blurb about it courtesy of Sam Bernhardt ’10:

Professor Benny Morris: “The First Arab-Israeli War” – Benny Morris is one of Israel’s most distinguished, yet also one of its most controversial historians. His groundbreaking books deal with the sixty years of conflicted relations between Israeli’s and Arabs. Professor Morris will be discussing his new book on the first Arab-Israeli War of 1948. A reception will follow the presentation.

Sponsored by the Jewish and Israeli Studies Certificate Program. Contact Jeremy Zwelling (jzwelling@wes) for more info.

When: Monday, February 02, 2009 at 8:00 PM
Where: Usdan University Center 108

The lecture promises to be interesting at the least and horribly controversial at most. Read more about Benny Morris on Wikipedia.