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AEPi Wesleyan T-Shirts for Sale

Wesleyan’s chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity is selling t-shirts all week in Usdan.

Here are some reasons you should buy one:

  • In Greek, the word means nothing, but it looks like English for “Wesleyan.”
  • It’s not the average color for the Wesleyan t-shirt (and that makes it unique!).
  • You will receive a genuine Jewish handshake with every purchase.

T-shirts are $8 a piece.

If you would like to reserve a shirt or if you have any questions, please contact Alex Pack ’14 at apack(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Outside the Bubble

At Wesleyan, it’s pretty easy to fall out of the loop with the rest of the world.  Even as someone who can spend all day reading news articles and blog posts if nothing’s going on, I haven’t really taken a glance at the news in the past two and a half weeks (till like five minutes ago).  So, if you’re like me, here’s what in the world you’ve been missing:

Gay Guys Kiss 33 HoursA Pair of Gay Guys Break the Guinness World Record for Longest Kiss

They kissed for thirty-three (33) hours.  That’s over a day.  And they’re not even a couple, just “friends”…

Barack Obama Went to Christian Church on Sunday

This is headline news.  For me, the real news was that this was such vital headline news in the first place.  I love these precious few weeks before elections.  The news gets so…amusing.  Dear Obama, please be an atheist.  Just because.

Jewly Bandz

If your grandmother didn’t mail you a pack of these while you were too busy “writing a 15 page paper due Monday” at the GSA & Grotto during the Yom Kippur weekend, then she must not love you.


Speaking of Jews, bedbugs are still taking over New York city (and beyond).  We could let them have AMC movie theaters, TBS, and even the Empire State Building, but now they’ve got Niketown too, nooo!

“Holy Shit, I’m Fat!”

Guys are anorexic now too.  “Whether they squeeze their ass or stomach, they make a point of showing you.”

The Recession is Over

Remember that time when people started to go broke? Yeah, apparently it’s over now.  It’s been over.  Get with the program.

I bet you those thick “Worlding the World” course readers didn’t include this invaluable info, huh?  Okay, but I have a composition, a manuscript, and a paper due this week on top of other things so I’ll leave you all to procrastinate some more without me now…

Happy Easter, Wesleyan!

Obviously we all know that April 1st is Easter in the Jewish religion. As a thank you for the skyrocketing readership over the last few weeks, it was decided that one of us would post some fun Easter Eggs of the internet for people to explore. Enjoy!

  • Here’s an interesting Easter trivia rundown I Stumbled Upon just two days ago. Didn’t bode well for my Spanish essay, but I bet Wesleyan students would be glad to know that the Foss Hill Easter Egg Hunt (maybe a tradition that should be revived?) got a mention here.
  • Much in the spirit of LATFH comes Christmas is Dead, a tumblr blog originally designed to host writer Santamantana’s oddly large collection of people in Santa Claus suits doing terrible things. After a Halloween edition last year, I was glad to find last week that Santamantana apparently has an even larger collection of people in Easter bunny suits doing lots of things they really shouldn’t be. Great for pissing off neighbors in Olin with giddy laughter!
  • Just click. This one speaks for itself.

Check out more goodies after the jump…

Kirtan Rabbi at Wesleyan

Micah Weiss ’10 and Franni Paley ’10 write:

Reb Drew is a rabbi in the Reform movement who “weaves traditional Jewish liturgy and musical modes into the increasingly popular call-and-response chant technology from India, known as Kirtan.”

His main vocation is to make Torah accessible, deep and fun, — to Jew and non-Jew alike — in a way that is participatory and memorable. David Leipziger Teva, Rabbi and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life at Wesleyan University, recently wrote to Rabbi Hahn, saying, “You have enlightened our community in countless ways. I am envisioning your coming back every eighteen months or so. We should not let students graduate without being exposed to your Torah.”

Come for an afternoon and evening of “great energy, passion and melodic flow.”

BuHo: 3-4pm
The Bayit: 6pm (with FREE home-cooked dinner to follow!)

Date: Feb. 26
Time: 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: BuHo (356 Wash) and The Bayit (157 Church)

Daniel Levine-Spound Speech on the “Non-Jewish Jew”

Will Schragis ’12 invites us all to see Daniel Levine-Spound share his thoughts on Issac Deutscher‘s speech, “The Non-Jewish Jew”:

Can one still be a non-Jewish Jew when a nation exists which claims to represent all Jews? What does Zionism mean for the radical universalist Jewish tradition dating back to Spinoza? We will examine several works by Marx, Freud, and Woody Allen with the goals of both delving deeper into Deutscher’s thoughts, and re-examining the meaning of his thesis in a contemporary context.

Date: Tonight, February 5th
Time: 8:00Pm
Place: PAC 002

Yom Kippur dinner, services

Join Wesleyan Jews for Yom Kippur services this Sunday and Monday:

ramshornshofarSunday, 9/27:
Dinner 5:00pm, Usdan Campus Center
Evening services/Kol Nidre 6:15 PM Beckham Hall

Monday, 9/28:
Morning service 10 AM: Beckham Hall
Havdallah followed by lox and bagels break the fast 7PM in
Usdan Campus Center: Daniel Family Commons

Check out the schedule at the chaplains’ website.

Wesleyan/Jewish identity explored after shooting

bayitBefore his attack on Johanna Justin-Jinich, killer Stephen Morgan made jarring comments in his journal about targeting Jews and Wesleyan students in general, which made an already terrible incident even more unsettling.

American Jewish newspaper The Forward explores his conflation of Wesleyan students, Jews, and Justin-Jinich, and talks about Jewish identity at Wesleyan in the wake of the shooting.

President Michael Roth and Rabbi David Leipziger Teva were (probably rightly) quick to dismiss the specific role of Jewishness in the muder, since this guy was clearly twisted. The students interviewed in the article agreed:

[…] what could have been a moment of vulnerability and isolation for Wesleyan’s Jewish students turned out to be quite the opposite. In interviews, Jewish, non-Jewish and half-Jewish Wesleyan students suggested repeatedly that nothing the alleged gunman had done moved them to view Jews as separated out in any way from the rest of the student body. For the students — and, it appears from his writings, for Morgan, as well — there was no distinction, because there is essentially no difference.

I think it was more a dislike of Wesleyan students, and he considers us all ‘Jews,’” said freshman Jon Booth, who said he is not Jewish.

The May 6 shooting death of Justin-Jinich burst what students here describe as “the Wesleyan bubble,” replacing the ordinary stresses of finals period with shock and fear. In addition to being a very personal and fatal attack on Justin-Jinich — whom Morgan had stalked in the past — it also appeared to be, from Morgan’s journals, an attack on Wesleyan’s identity, on a campus where identity is not assumed, but debated, studied and even protested.

For Morgan, who was apprehended May 7, part of that had to do with his sense of Wesleyan’s students as the chosen elite. According to a warrant for his arrest, Morgan wrote resentfully about seeing the beautiful, smart and well-to-do students at Wesleyan. Somehow, it seems, this, combined with his obsession for Justin-Jinich, led him to focus on a different kind of chosenness, one that singled out Jewish students from their peers — or, perhaps, conflated the two.

Gunman still at-large; made threats against Wes/Jews

According to a campus e-mail and a public news conference (viewable here), the gunman “expressed threats in his personal journal toward Wesleyan and/or its Jewish students.”  We’re all being urged to stay inside our residences.  Basically everything that requires people walking around campus has been canceled – professors mostly aren’t coming to campus, dining halls aren’t open, and all meetings should be canceled.  Wesleyan students, check your e-mail for info about how to acquire lunch safely.

As you’ve probably noticed, Wesleying isn’t the most up-to-date source for information on this developing story.  The site is having problems with bandwidth overload – we have put measures in place to make the site load more easily and reduce this problem, but it’s not perfect.  The ACB has the most up-to-date (if sometimes incorrect and unnecessarily panic-inducing) info, and the campus alerts have all the necessary info.

Also, NBC has reported additional details about how Stephen  Morgan knew Johanna; apparently she had filed complaints against him in 2007.

Stay safe, Wesleyan.

[EDIT by Sheek, 12:23 pm]

To reiterate Beau’s latest post, get the most up-to-date info on the situation from the Campus Security newsreel.

Passover Seder in…Beckham Hall

Can’t make it home for Passover? Or don’t want to be stuck reading the Four Questions yet again? Get your seder on in Beckham Hall:

You are cordially invited to join us for:

Wesleyan’s Passover Seder


Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 at 6 PM in Beckham Hall
Please RSVP by emailing esavage (at) wes
(Name, WesID #, or a check made out to “Bon Appetit”)
Cost: 16.95 in points or Middletown Cash per person or 1 meal and $6.95 in points/Middletown Cash
For more information about Passover at Wesleyan, go to: www.wesleyan.edu/chaplains/jewish/passover.html

Copious amounts of Manischewitz wine and questions about if you’ve met a nice Jewish boy yet probably not included.

Latke Hamentashen Debate

Join the Latke vs. Hamentashen debate this Thursday:

latkesDo you really love your mother’s latkes? Your grandfather’s hamentashen? Do you have a compelling argument as to why one is better than the other? Speak at the Latke Hamentashen Debate!

The Latke Hamentashen Debate is a humourous academic debate in which academics discuss the merits of latkes and hamentashen (two popular Jewish foods) from their respective fields. Arguments range from simple math (triangles vs circles) to abstract philosophical reasoning and everything in between.

p3250030-20050325-164821The debate is Thursday, April 2nd at 8pm. We still need speakers to represent both latkes and hamentashen. (You don’t need to know anything about Judaism to participate.) If you are interested, please email ahartley@wes.

Date: Thursday, April 2nd
Time: 8 pm
Place: Judd 116