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2012 Green Party Candidate for President Speaking in Portland, CT Today


2012 Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein will be speaking in Portland, CT (just across the river from Middletown) on Sunday, September 8, on the topic of “After the election: the Green New Deal versus the surveillance state.” Stein’s did not end in November. Instead, she has continued to support the movements for social transformation in this country, attending countless rallies and conferences, fighting in court after being arrested trying to enter the presidential debatesorganizing Green campaign schools, and issuing alternative stances to politics-as-usual from the Green Shadow Cabinet. This appearance will be one of many she has made since the election, and is being sponsored by the Green Party of Connecticut.

The event will be at the Portland Senior Center (7 Waverly Ave) starting at 3:00 PM. People from Middletown, including Wesleyan students, will be carpooling there. Please contact Ross Levin at rlevin@wesleyan.edu if you’d like to join.

Date: Today, September 8
Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Place: Portland Senior Center, 7 Waverly Ave, Portland, CT
Cost: Free (just like US elections, lol jk)

Liveblogging Election Night: Dear-God-Make-It-Stop Edition

Two years, 94 debates, one drunk/high/sober liveblog, and endless polls later, we’ve finally arrived. Two candidates entered (well, technically a lot more), one will survive. Who will it be? Tonight wesleying will be continuing (and thank God, finishing) our election coverage with a liveblog of the results as they roll in tonight. There are a couple of locations on campus where we’ll be station (and where you can follow along):

  • Usdan has a big projector screen by the staircase showing MSNBC, so plenty of people will be watching there.
  • The American Studies Majors’ Committee and the Government Majors’ Committee are hosting an event at the Woodhead Lounge (location here).
  • In your comfort and safety of your own dorm! Just go to here to watch CNN!

Stay tuned, and get ready to celebrate when Obama (most likely) wins. (If he doesn’t, Nate Silver is totally fucked.) Hopefully it’ll look something like this:

Oh, and Middletown’s polls are open for another 100 minutes. Hurry up and get on line. The liveblog will still appear past the jump once you get back. 

Presidential Candidate Jill Stein in Middletown

Guys, this is big. Thanks to Ross Levin ’15, we’re finally returning to our age-old tradition of welcoming Presidential candidates to campus… except this time, ze’s not filling in for Ted Kennedy. I don’t think it’s too much to say that the times certainly have changed (ok, fine… but remember when the numbers looked like this?). So if you’re thinking of voting more against the other guy than for your guy, this event might be of special interest to you:

Green Party presidential candidate, physician, and environmental-health advocate Dr. Jill Stein will be speaking in Middletown on March 1st. Dr. Stein advocates for the creation of a “Green New Deal,” which aims to end unemployment, transition to a more sustainable energy infrastructure, initiate financial reform, and strengthen democracy by protecting voters’ rights and limiting the power of corporations.
If you’re interested in Dr. Stein’s campaign, curious about the Green Party, or frustrated by the politics of the two-party system, come to the event on March 1st!

This will be at the First Church of Christ, located at 190 Court Street.

More Info on Jill Stein/the Green Party:

Presented by the Wesleyan College Greens (for more info email rlevin[]wesleyan[]edu)

Date: Thor’s Day, March 1st
5-7 p.m.
First Church of Christ, at 190 Court St.
Free (just like America, am I right?!)
Facebook Slacktivism: Engage in it here

I know lots of y’all who are down as “Liberal” or “Very Liberal” on your Facebook are probably going to vote for Obama anyway, which is somewhere between mildly and fairly amusing. If you’re not into the idea of me laughing at you, start looking at alternatives (especially when they come into your community!).