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Espwesso is Hiring

You and Alex Bernson ’11 might want to talk about this one over a nice cuppa:

Do you want to learn how to make coffee? Do you care about contributing to campus community? Are you awesome?

Maybe you should apply for Espwesso’s new training position. Details at the link below. Resumes due by next Saturday the 12th.

(YOU MUST BE WORK STUDY. Sorry, financial constraints etc.)

Check out the job posting itself here.

Job Post: Write Papers for Other Students, $13/page

Writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Ed Dante outlines a job opportunity for undergrads looking to make ends meet:

  • Are you good at writing poorly researched papers that appear erudite enough to fool professors into giving you good grades?
  • Can you write 40 pages a day?
  • Do you research papers with Wikipedia and Amazon reviews?
  • Can you comprehend this message from a client: “You did me business ethics propsal for me I need propsal got approved pls can you will write me paper?”
  • Can you resist the temptation fill in these blanks with madlibs instead of academic jargon: “A close consideration of the events which occurred in ____ during the ____ demonstrate that ____ had entered into a phase of widespread cultural, social, and economic change that would define ____ for decades to come.” (fill in your best answers in the comments)
  • Are you willing to write for 4 cents a word?
  • Do you have no moral qualms with helping people achieve academic success the American Way—by using their wealth to buy it?
  • Then consider working as an Academic Ghostwriter. With the number of lazy students on the rise, business has never been better. Apply today!

Go here for more details: Link

Thanks to the shoutbox for the tip.