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DRUNK, S0BER, H1GH: Vice Presidential Debate Liveblog

Hello. The vice presidential debates are about to start (@9). Like last week’s presidential showdown, we’re liveblogging the action. This time there’s a twist. Inspired by NYU Local’s Drunk Sober High feature, the debate will be covered by three anonymous Wesleyingers in varying states of consciousness. p-safe will be sober(ish?). gettincrunkman will be drunk. giantepgoynte will be high. Yes, really. This will be fun! Politics! Internet! Liveblog updates past the jump:

Vice Presidential Debate: Biden vs. Ryan

For all the political cool cats out there, Amy Davis ’13 has a message for you:

Internet too slow to stream the debate live? Fear not! The Roosevelt Institute, WesDems, and Democracy Matters are getting together on Thursday at 9pm in 41 Wyllys room 112 to screen the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate. Come watch and discuss, because even if Paul Ryan can’t run a marathon in under 3 hours, this is still a big f-ing deal.

Date: Thursday, October 11
Time: 9 pm
Place: 41 Wyllys, Room 112

Tina Fey Is Better At Sarah Palin Than Palin Is

Tina Fey has done it again. The former Saturday Night Live writer and performer had twice returned to the show to play the role of Governor Palin:

And now, following the vice presidential debates, Tina Fey has come back to reprise her role yet again. SNL’s Sarah Palin, along with Joe Biden, portrayed by Jason Sudeikis, poke fun at some memorable moments from Thursday’s debate in another piece of political humor gold.

Video is over 10 minutes long. Give yourself some time to spare if you’re gonna watch the whole thing.

Liberal Media Bias? Yes.
Funny? Double Yes.

Profs Price and Foyle on the VP Debates

Government Professors Douglas Foyle and Melanye Price comment in the Hartford Courant on the performances of Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin in last night’s VP debates:

Wesleyan’s Douglas Foyle said Biden “gave an excellent statement on the Wall Street bailout plan … showing off his experience. He was able to effectively weave in Obama’s clear criteria for the bailout, criticism of the Bush administration and a strong indication of his knowledge on the subject.”

“Joe Biden knows foreign policy much better than Palin, and you could tell that in the debate,” Wesleyan’s Melanye Price said.

“Palin was very effective” on the economy, Douglas Foyle said, by “hitting themes of the McCain message: greed and corruption on Wall Street, reform and their positions as mavericks.”

But her answer on nuclear weapons and intervention “started to become confused and began to take her down the path of her previous stumbles in recent interviews,” Wesleyan’s Douglas Foyle said.

There’s no ‘Saturday Night Live’ gold here,” said Wesleyan University’s Douglas Foyle. “Palin performed well above expectations. Her performance should quiet concerns about her credibility among voters leaning toward the Republicans.”

“Palin won in terms of style,” Wesleyan’s Melanye Price said. “She has a real ability to deliver points that sound positive, and she does it with a smile.”

Read the full commentary here:
Hartford Courant: Judging the Delivery

Vice Presidential Debate Tonight

Joe Biden and Sarah Palin go head-to-head tonight for their first and only time.

Vice presidential debates have been held reguarly since 1984, but have been largely unsuccessful and historically insignificant. However, with an imminent historic election due in a month, all eyes will be on a fiery Biden-Palin showdown.

Both second-in-command hopefuls will have a point to prove tonight. Govenor Palin has been waning in popularity since her speech at the Republican National Convention. And after a less than impressive interview with Katie Couric last week, now may be her last chance to deliver. This debate will be key for her to prove skeptics wrong on her relative inexperience.

Senator Biden also has cynics to silence. Biden has long held a reputation for being a lively and combative speaker. But often times, this has made him appear aggressive and at times patronizing. Many fear that if he adopts a harsh tone against Palin that many are used to, Biden may alienate a key constituent of women voters.

With election interest at an all-time high, and an unprecedented spotlight on the vice presidential nominees, this debate is expected to set a tone for what’s to come for both parties in their final month of preparation.

Starts at 9 p.m. Eastern Time, on most major networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN, etc.)
i.e. No Office tonight.

[edit 3:06 pm] If you don’t have access to a TV, you can head over to the Usdan lobbyat 9 pm for a group viewing.


Obama-Biden ’08

CNN cites “multiple sources” informing it that Barack Obama has picked longtime Delaware senator Joe Biden to be his running mate. The New York Times has also posted an article with the same news. The text message to his supporters is scheduled to be sent this morning. Both Evan Bayh (Indiana) and Tim Kaine (Virginia) have been informed that they have not been picked, as has Hillary.

CNN.com: “Sources: Obama picks Joe Biden as VP candidate
New York Times: “Obama Chooses Biden as Running Mate
ABC News: “Biden’s Stock Rises in Obama Vice Presidential Speculation
Boston Globe: “Obama says he has picked running mate