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Hidden Gems: Joe Webb Peoples Museum of Natural History


Greg in a romantic vignette filter

Maybe you’ve heard that there’s a secret stuffed bison hidden somewhere in Exley? I don’t see how a stuffed bison could feasibly be a secret, so I’m skeptical about the merit of my “discovery” of it. For those who don’t know: he lives in the Joe Webb Peoples Museum of Natural History. Greg (that’s his name) the Bison is only one of many nifty artifacts located in this small museum in the middle of the E&ES department (4th floor of Exley). The museum is named after an emeritus professor who was in what used to be the Geology Department. It’s just like the museum in Animal Crossing, and that’s the most shining endorsement anyone can offer, really.

Chances are, you’re either a museum person or you’re not. If museums aren’t your thing there’s probably not a lot that could convince you to check this place out because it’s a bit like any Natural History museum, only smaller and under renovations. But if museums definitely are your thing, you’ll totally dig this place. It has a surprisingly decent array of geological artifacts, from fossils to minerals to a bunch of badass geodes and crystals. I think I spotted just one taxidermied animal besides Greg. There are two tabletop display cases with various rock and fossil specimens, one of which was filled with mostly basalt. Like, weirdly full of every kind of basalt possible. I kid you not, you can go see “congealed driblets of basalt.”