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“Wesleyan Thinks Big” Good To Go Post-Spring Break

Last November, I posted on this event voting thing that was going around Facebook. It was called “Best Professors at Wes,” and it was a space that offered the creation of an academic wish list.

The Facebook event, now closed, asked the question: Which Wesleyan Professors would you like to see speak in a ten-minute TED-talk style arena?

Yesterday, following almost four months of quiet, the lineup has been revealed:

Mary-Jane Rubenstein: “Asceticosmologies: Modern Science as Religious Practice”
Matthew Kurtz: “Nature vs. Nurture: the Example of Psychosis”
Richard “Richie” Adelstein: “States without Romance”
Leah Wright: “The Death of Affirmative Action: Rethinking the Debate”
John Finn: “Poor Joshua: Private Space & The Constitution”
Jeanine “Badass” Basinger: TBD

Featuring President Roth as emcee, ready to drop sick beats. (Ten bucks if he beatboxes)

It is set to take place on Thursday, March 29th, from 8.00pm-9.30pm, at the Memorial Chapel.

Tickets will be FREE and available in Usdan during all mealtimes, starting March 26th. If you’re so inclined, you can also friggin’ reserve a ticket online. Hit up the Facebook event here.

Now, why am I posting about this event so damn early?

Simple: given the size of the Chapel, and given my caffeine-filled experience lining up for Scalia, I’m trying to give the organizers a clearer picture of whether they need to involve simultaneous video-casting, or if they need to move the event to a bigger location if interest and demand is high enough. So, if you’re totally into this event, RESERVE A TICKET NOW so that they can rack up the numbers and know where they stand.

Scalia Talk with Prof Finn Moved to 6 pm

Because I was creeping on the Roosevelt Institute’s listserv and saw Francesca Buzzi ’12’s email:

So due to some shameless space stealing on the part of someone with more EMS clout than Sylvie, we have to move our time to 6pm. So we will see you tonight at 6pm in the Shapiro Center! With Professor John Finn!!
Info on the event can be found on an earlier post here. Come on and get your John Finn cuddly lovin’ (Finn pictured above, creating democracy).

Food: Power and Identity for just $250

This year the Shasha Seminar on Human Concerns is entitled “Food: Power and Identity.” Everyone is welcome to go to the keynote speaker on Friday, April 4, but if you want to go to any of the cooler lectures, you are supposed to register now and you need to shell out $250. Which is really rather unfortunate, since they have cool events ranging from a lecture on “Subversive Food” to a wine-tasting, and since it is being run by the man himself (no, sorry, not Delmar): John Finn, estranged grad. of the the French Culinary Institute who decided to devote himself to the old and noble art of constitutional law. The true John Finn will no doubt make an appearance at this seminar on his first love.

WHEN: April 4-6, all day
WHERE: Wesleyan U.
COST: a mere $250
WHAT: Culinary notables discuss the goofy and fascinating sides of food. Meals will be provided.

Professor Finn’s Boston Cream Pie Recipe

Government Professor John Finn is sort of a powerhouse on campus. His classes are highly sought after and fill up incredibly fast. Ask an upperclassmen “Who’s someone I gotta take a class with?” And usually Finn will be in their top five. “But I’m a music major,” you’ll whine. “It doesn’t matter. Taking a class with Finn will change your life. Taking a class with Finn will get you a girlfriend. Taking a class with Finn cures cancer. Probably.”

Anyway, so something interesting about Professor Finn is that not only does he hold a Ph.D from Princeton and a J.D. from Georgetown, he also holds a culinary arts degree from the French Culinary Institute in New York that he earned in 1995.

Here’s a personal recipe he shared with Wesleyan Magazine back in 2002:


9 eggs, separated
1.5 cups sugar
1.5 teaspoons lemon peel, minced
2 tablespoons water
4.5 teaspoons lemon juice
1 cup plus 2 tablespoons cake flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 envelope (1 tablespoon) unflavored gelatin powder
1 cup milk
1.5 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons unsweetened chocolate
1 cup confectionery sugar
1 tablespoon heavy cream

  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Separate 5 eggs. Beat yolks with a mixer at high speed; slowly add 1/2 cup of the sugar.
  • Add lemon peel, water, and lemon juice. Fold in 1 cup cake flour. Set aside.
  • Beat 5 egg whites with the salt until foamy. Slowly add 1/2-cup sugar; beat until soft peaks form. Fold yolks gently into whites, trying not to lose volume. Pour into two, 9 1/2-inch greased cake pans. Bake for approximately 25 minutes or until the cake is golden and springs back when touched.
  • To make the cream filling: Mix gelatin, 1/2 cup sugar and 2 tablespoons flour in a small pan. Separate 4 eggs. Mix 4 egg yolks with milk in a bowl and then stir into gelatin mixture. Cook over medium-low heat until thickened, but do not boil. Remove from heat. Stir in vanilla. Refrigerate 40 minutes or until very cold.
  • To make the icing: Melt the butter and chocolate in a double boiler or microwave. Remove from heat. Stir in confectionery sugar. Add the cream in small amounts until you reach the consistency of a glaze.
  • “Frost” top of one cooled cake layer with cream filling. Top with other layer. Drizzle glaze over top layer. 8 servings.