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Wesleying Wants YOU to Code for Us

“Interested in auditioning for Wesleying, Wesleyan’s “sassiest and most WordPress-savvy online singing group”? Scroll on, dear one. Our blog could be your life.”

To our glorious readers,

As we move into the final stretches of the school year and as we wait for all this fucking snow to go away, Wesleying is looking for new staff members to fill our ranks, and especially for someone competent in WordPress and HTML to help us manage the ~*~technical~*~ side of our website. If you have compsci experience and if you wanna help with one of the most-read publications on campus, read on!

If you’re willing and able to help with things like updating the points calc and helping us when the website crashes, or just blogging in your underwear, email staff[at]wesleying[dot]org with the subject line “Comp Recruitment.” Tell us about yourself, your skill set, and why you want to join Wesleying.

If you’re interested in joining as a non-tech member of staff, we love you too! Email us with a the subject line that mentions recruitment in some way and let us know if you have any prior blogging experience, what you’re interested in writing about, and maybe even what Wesleying means 2 u. In the immortal words of The Great Sheek, “All you need is Internet access, the ability to string sentences together coherently, and an interest in life at Wesleyan as it is, was, and might be.”

Wesleying is currently run by about fifteen people, a good number of whom will be graduating this May. Students of all class years and of all levels of experience are welcome, but especially underclassmen. Help us photoshop Roth’s face onto everything, root through the Argives, and spend all of our time on the Internet. More info on what we are after the jump.