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Das Racist video: “Rainbow in the Dark”

das-racistIf Pizza Hut/Taco Bell earworming into your brain last year turned you off from Das Racist completely, maybe time to reevaluate.

A newish video is out for “Rainbow in the Dark”, a track that uses fast food (via White Castle) only as a jump-off point and is more indicative of what they’re about. Some rap exegesis might be in order to figure out what it means, but at the very least it transcends the inanity of that previous offering.

Be awed by the viscous lyrical delivery and hyperliterate rhymes, as self-aware but un-self-conscious as ever. With references to NMH’s Jeff Mangum, fancy cheeses, T-Pain, Stephen Hawking, Don King, Gary Soto, themselves, the Harold and Kumar sequel, and various Internet communications technologies delivered in a cannabinoid stream over the course of four minutes.

Bonus points for “Wikipedia Brown,” and this line:

“peep us at the Grammys, we’d like to thank G-Chat”

Mostly SFW, although be wary of Victor’s pubes if that’s a problem. Directed by Jordan Fish ’06: