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Racial Profiling in Middletown?

Eric Lach writes about something that should upset pretty much everyone at Wesleyan. Jose Chapa ’07, perhaps having one of the worst years ever, was arrested over the weekend after police responded to a noise complaint on Home Ave. In what was a horrifying experience, the officer seemed to be targeting Chapa specifically and taking out his frustrations for the whole Wesleyan community out on him:

“They grabbed me, they handcuffed me, and slammed my face in the road,” Chapa said. “I was yelling, ‘please let me go.’ Then they pulled out the mace.”

Student witnesses report hearing the officers continually yelling and swearing at Chapa and other students.

“We give you a hundred breaks a year, and you just piss all over us,” one of the police officers, who identified himself as Officer Clark, said to the milling students.

According to witnesses, he also said there would no longer be any discretion given by the MPD to University parties. He did give students his badge number, when pressed.

Some students, Chapa included, wondered why Chapa was singled out, among all the other students on the street.

“I felt that they were specifically focusing on him, targeting him as a person among many on that street,” said Erin Moore ’07, who was also with Chapa at the time. “I noticed a difference in the way the officers spoke to me and Rae [Kaplan] in comparison to how they talked to Jose.”

if you’re upset about this, you can contact the Middletown Police Department.

You can contact Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano at Mayor@cityofmiddletown.com.

Of course, if you have any opinion at all about the article, you can write a wespeak.

Or you could watch this again. Not really the same thing, but enough to scare pretty much anyone.