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Wes Alums Make Web Series, Give Film Majors Shred of Hope for Post-Grad Creative Fulfillment

Boychicks” fans rejoice: Josh Margolin ’11 and Charlie Alderman ’11 just made the interwebs a little bit brighter with the release of “New Partner,” a web series about “a young hotshot cop…who keeps getting his partners killed.” Margolin (of “New Girl” and, more importantly, “Enrolled” fame) stars as said hotshot alongside other glamorous working actors like Wayne Knight and Nick Searcy. Finally we can all breathe a sigh of relief about the fate of the comedy crisis on campus. Check out the first episode below, and watch to your heart’s content at their website.

Boychicks ten: House Hunting

I was supposed to write an Unofficial Orientation Series post for today.

My excuse for it not being done is that I got lost in Josh Margolin ’11‘s baby blue eyes and Julian Silver ’12‘s soft caramel biceps.  To no one’s surprise, after turning their apartment into a high school, and continuously inviting back a trashcan-humping supervillain, the Boychicks are getting evicted:

Edit pyrotechnics [29th August 2013 6:00PM]: This will be our final Boychicks episode update. If interested, please follow on the Boychicks website.

Boychicks Eight: Supermans

Congratulations to the Boychicks for making as many movies as the Harry Potter franchise did, only Josh Margolin ’11 and Julian Silver ’12 have done it with seven fewer books off which to base their series!

Wesleying has been falling behind on our Boychicks game, we admit it.  But the chicks haven’t missed us too much, as they begin to gain more buzz around the interwebs. 

This week, they throw their hat into the superhero movie ring, and the results are… disturbing.  See for yourself:

Boychicks Seven: Back to School Part 2

Josh Margolin ’11 and Julian Silver ’12 just refuse to stop being funny, even though school’s out and we clearly don’t need them to help us procrastinate anymore.   This episode continues in high school, and much to my chagrin, once again has no Julian who is partying at R&C lost in the Santa Monica forests.

Boychicks Six: Back to School

Julian Silver ’12 and Josh Margolin ’11 (the boychicks) are back with a sixth episode, this time recreating the awkwardness of high school in their apartment. Leisurely Axe-spraying by makeshift shoe-box lockers, mentions of both The Great Gatsby and On the Road in ‘English class’, and sexual tension leading up to an underwater-themed semiformal abound.

Boychicks Episode Four

Josh Margolin ’11 and Julian Silver ’12 (alias: The Boychicks) are back with their fourth installment.  Julian’s got a new haircut and a new girlfriend, and I wish he’d date me instead couldn’t be happier for him!

Boychicks Episode Three

The astoundingly attractive and titillatingly talented Josh Margolin ’11 and Julian Silver ’12 are back, with plenty of Wesleyan and ‘Cac references for all of us.

If you’re not caught up, peep Episodes One and Two.

The boys (chicks?) promise a new episode every Monday, so if you’re looking for a nice way to spend those awkward four minutes between when dinner ends and The Voice starts, you’ve found it. Subscribe to their page on YouTube here.

Boychicks Episode Two

I’m not posting this because I’ve had a crush on Julian Silver ’12 since the first time I saw him freshman year.  Or because he’s witty, cute, talented, and manly in a sensitive kind of way… Where was I?  The latest from him and Josh Margolin ’11