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Historical Narratives Fall Submissions Drive Deadline

Justin Pottle ’13 writes in about The End of Historical Narratives?, which could be the name of an unreleased essay by Francis Fukuyama. I’m including the entirety of his email because it’s great:

Hey Zach!

Hope your weekend/finals are going well—I’m still kind of reeling from Its a Wonderful Life. Crazy. Its Christmastime. Everything is beautiful. Anyways, I’m writing in with a wesleying request. Can you put a post up advertising the end of Historical Narratives fall submissions? Something like this:

Historical Narratives, Wesleyan’s undergraduate journal of history, is wrapping up its fall submissions drive tomorrow, December 10, but there is still time to submit your academic work discussing or pertaining to historical subjects and analysis. We’re looking for papers between 5 and 30 pages in any subject with an emphasis on original research. If your professor liked it, we probably will too. Successful papers will go through multiple rounds of anonymous review and editing, and the best papers will make it into our sleek academic journal at the end of next semester. You can submit papers whenever, but send submissions to weshistoricalnarratives(at)gmail(dot)com by Monday night to be consider in the first round of review.

I’ve attached a picture of Abraham Lincoln riding a bear. Do with it what you will.

Deadline: Monday (tomorrow) night
Contact: weshistoricalnarratives(at)gmail(dot)com

Historical Narratives Editorial Meeting

Justin “Poodle” Pottle ’13 just asked me to put up a Wesleying post concerning Historical Narratives’ first editorial meeting of the year and to include a picture of “William Pinch, Napoleon, Rick Ross, whatever works for you, really.” Rick Ross works for me just fine.

Historical Narratives, Wesleyan’s undergraduate journal of history, is having its first editorial meeting of the year tonight at 9:15 p.m. in the Albritton Cafe (Room 311). We’re looking for new editors to help solicit student work during our upcoming fall submissions drive and to help anonymously review and edit submitted essays and articles, so come by and learn about what we’re up to this semester. At the end of they year, we’ll have put together a sleek academic journal of some of the finest academic work Wesleyan students have to offer. All majors welcome! Email jpottle@wes or sdash@wes if you have any questions.

Date: Tonight, October 2
Time: 9:15 pm
Place: Albritton 311

New Journal for the Humanities: Info Meeting & Call for Editors

From Aria Danaparamita, Claire Choi, Ka Ya Lee, and Yu Vongkiatkajorn:

So we were sitting there contemplating infinity when we thought, why is there not a student-run academic journal for the humanities? Answer: because we’re going to start one! (That makes no sense, whatever.)

We are starting this new journal for the humanities (pending a more attractive name…) in partnership with CHUM. Here’s the plan: a journal published periodically, in print and online, with peer-reviewed academic work from any of the humanities, surrounding one common theme.

And you should be involved. Ways to be involved:
– editorial team
– print layout/production
– online/media team

We’d like to have the most diverse team possible in terms of interests and disciplines (even if you don’t have a major yet!). We’d also like to have people who’ve had experience in publications on campus. Or anyone who thinks this is a good idea, really.

Submit to The Undergraduate Journal of Social Studies

Isabella Litke ’12 wants to publish you, but no more than 10,000 w0rds (they check these days—there’s technologies for that!):

The student-run Undergraduate Journal of Social Studies (UJSS) is accepting submissions for the fall issue. We accept papers written in any of the social sciences; interdisciplinary approaches are strongly encouraged. Please submit papers between 1,500 and 10,000 words, written during your time at Wesleyan. The fall submission deadline is Thursday, November 22nd. Send papers as Word documents to ujsswesleyan(at)gmail(dot)com.

Again, due date is November 22. Read more about the UJSS, or check out its first 2011 volume, here.

Call for Papers: Undergraduate Journal of Social Studies

From Alexander Furnas ’11:

The Undergraduate Journal of Social Studies (UJSS) is calling for papers for its inaugural issue.

Have a seminar paper you really liked?  How about a senior essay or portion of your thesis that you would like to share? Did you do an independent research project while studying abroad? Submit them to the newly launched UJSS, a peer-reviewed student run academic journal run by students in the College of Social Studies.
UJSS accepts submissions from 1,500 to 10,000 words on issues relating to social, political, historical, or economic issues.  The journal is intended to be broadly interdisciplinary, so papers from diverse disciplinary, theoretical or methodological perspectives are encouraged. The submission deadline is March 28th. For more information see the Aims and Scope as well as the Policies page of the Journal website.

Unferth is Your New Che

This past Saturday’s edition of the New York Times Book Review contains a fascinating treatment of English professor Deb Olin Unferth‘s latest work, a memoir entitled Revolution: The Year I Fell in Love and Went to Join the War (Henry Holt).  Unferth is perhaps best known for her fiction, which has graced the renowned pages of Harper’s, NOON, Agni, and The Boston Review, among others. Her limpid, glowing sentences and beautifully unmoored narration have attracted such followers as Diane Williams, Aimee Bender, Sam Lipsyte, and Gary Shteyngart, all of whom lauded her debut novel Vacation as a remarkable work.

If such high esteem was insufficient, Unferth was also a 2011 Pushcart Prize recipient. Her story “Pet”, which she debuted at a Russell House reading in the fall semester of ’09, was published in NOON and then anthologized in the Pushcart Press’s latest installment of the series (it can be purchased here).

Last Chance – Submit to Resonance!

Resonance is accepting works from all discipline and in all medium (2D and printed)that have something to say about Asia – get your perspective published!

Deadline = Feb 4th, 2011.

Submit or send your questions to resonance.wesleyan (at) gmail (dot) com.

This image is kind of more of a retrospective-type-deal-thing-shindig. For a more lighthearted Resonance submissions call, look to the past.

Mind Matters – seeking student reviewers!

Christian Hoyos ’11 is looking to build a team capable of extraordinary mental feats:

Mind Matters is a peer review journal managed and edited entirely by Wesleyan students, publishing Wesleyan students’ original research articles related to psychology. We are currently looking for student reviewers to read submissions, help select which manuscripts will be accepted for publication, and work with authors to prepare manuscripts for publication. This is an exciting way to gain exposure to the research being conducted by Wesleyan students, and to learn relevant and useful skills related to science writing and journal publication.

No experience necessary! We will teach you APA standards and the essential elements of a scientific journal article.

If you are interested in becoming a student reviewer, or have any questions about the journal, please contact Sophie Sadinsky at ssadinsky(the “at” symbol)wesleyan(period)edu as soon as possible! You can pick up our latest volume in the basement of Judd outside of our office, B9. Please visit our website for more information, as it contains our past issues as well as all the psychology BA and MA thesis abstracts from the last 5 years: http://www.wesleyan.edu/psyc/mindmatters/

Submit to The Cardinal Direction

Get your public policy paper published:

Wesleyan University’s chapter of The Roosevelt Institute is now accepting submissions for the Spring 2010 edition of The Cardinal Direction.

The Cardinal Direction, Wesleyan’s first and only student-run journal of public policy, presents students’ innovative solutions to critical social, environmental, political, and economic issues facing the United States and world.

The first installment of the journal, published in the fall of 2009, presented twelve policy papers on topics ranging from wind-powered energy to an expansion of Medicaid’s resources. The journal’s current editorial board is now accepting submissions of policy papers on issues of local and national concern. Students of all class years and majors are encouraged to submit papers previously written for class, as well as papers written specifically for publication in the spring 2010 journal.

All policy papers must be:
– A maximum of 1,500 words
– Written for a course OR reviewed by a professor or professional in
your topic’s field
-Formatted as a “.doc” word document with footnotes and bibliography
-Supported by quantitative evidence (include tables or graphs where appropriate) and include proposed policy solutions

Please send submissions as an e-mail attachment to: wesleyan.roosevelt(at)gmail.com

Submissions are due by MONDAY, MARCH 1, 2010

For more information and to view a PDF of the fall 2009 installment of The Cardinal Direction, please visit http://www.rooseveltcampusnetwork.org/chapter/187/cardinal-direction