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Film Series: Jurassic Park

1993. USA. Dir: Steven Spielberg. With Laura Dern. 127 min. 35mm print

From the director who brought you Jaws (aka “Never Go in the Water Again”) and Indiana Jones (aka “Archeologists are Awesome”) comes the flick that made the world fall head-over-heels for dinosaurs and dinosaur-related merchandise. With nail-biting thrills and special effects that are still better than most current releases, this is how you do a blockbuster right.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

Weekend Recap: Jurassic, Foam, and More

Unfortunately, this weekend did not start on a Wednesday given the tropical downpour that trapped Nest-goers indoors because their housemates thought the rain a good excuse to curl up and watch Dexter. Thursday passed in the same depressing mode, but Wesleyan stepped up to the plate on Friday, serving up a rowdy crowd at the packed Jurassic Park screening at the Goldsmith Family Cinema. Enthusiastic sophomore Trevor Dorn-Wallenstein ’15 even dressed the part in a dino onesie. Good for him.

photo (25)
An hour after movie-goers stumbled out of the family cinema, people began to congregate at Senior Fauver and whatever silent party was going on on Fountain. Digression: What is up with Fountain this year? Where are the fun parties?

Looking for a Composer for a Senior Thesis film!

Leslie Wentworth ’12 appeals to your musically inclined inclinations:

Is John Williams your idol? He should be (just watch Jurassic Park), and you can be too. I’m looking for someone to compose music for my senior thesis film, probably in the more atmospheric, electronic realm than a full orchestra but I’m open to all ideas. We’ll collaborate during the semester to fit your beats to my film. Email me at lwentworth(at)wesleyan(dot)edu if you’re interested and be sure to include a short sample or link to something you’ve done.
I’m personally partial towards Hans Zimmer or Ennio Morricone (see above – man, that shit gives me a boner every time), but then again, John Williams did do friggin’ Harry Potter.