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Emails, Road Trips, and Weddings: An Interview with Paul Turenne, Associate Registrar

Paul Turenne himself!


It’s October, which means that you’ve settled into classes, Fall Break is only weeks away, and it’s probably the only month of the semester that you won’t receive emails from PTURENNE.

Email from PTURENNE usually include words such as “pre-registration,” “drop/add,” and “adjustment period,” and come in spurts over the course of a week or two. When you see PTURENNE in your inbox, it typically means that it’s about time that you start planning for the next semester. When you hear about PTURENNE sightings and do not in fact see the emails yourself, it means that you are graduating and will soon have to grapple with the mythical place known as “the real world” (or, alternatively, the fall-back plan known as “Brooklyn”).

Believe it or not, PTURENNE is actually a real person. His name is Paul Turenne, and he is an Associate Registrar at Wesleyan. I interviewed Paul about his job, being a mysterious automated email presence, and what he does when he’s not on campus. 

What are your duties as Associate Registrar?

I manage the academic electronic portfolios. More specifically, I manage processes like course registration, major declaration, grade entry, and some technical stuff with teaching evaluations. I started in this position in August 2007.