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Theory Certificate presents “The Illusion of Equality”

From Professor Matthew Garrett:

The Certificate in Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory presents:
“The Illusion of Equality in Kantian Cosmopolitanism”

Jameliah Bournahou (Georgia College and College of the Holy Cross)

This talk is co-sponsored by the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program.

Some scholars argue that Kant is universally egalitarian because in the essay “Toward Perpetual Peace” (1795), Kant offers new provisions that displace the racist views that he previously held in the essays on race of the 1780s. This argument presumes that Kant’s cosmopolitan philosophy is synonymous with universal egalitarianism because it is understood to be opposed to inequality. Professor Bournahou argues that Kant’s cosmopolitan philosophy is not universally egalitarian and in fact allows for inequality. Bournahou refers to a lesser recognized discussion Kant has in “Toward Perpetual Peace” where he argues that the cosmopolitan goal is to unify the nations and not the moral improvement of the species which would presumably establish universal egalitarianism.

Date: Tuesday, October 2
Time: 4:30-6:00 PM
PlaceDowney 113

“In Theory” Lecture Series Begins

In TheoryThe Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory Certificate, here represented by the magnificent and bald Professor Uli Plass, wants you to know that their weekly lecture series will be kicking off today with Lucy Guenova’s introduction to her homeboy Immanuel Kant. Future speakers will include Judith Butler (!), the Real MRoth, and the series will finish up with Miri Nakamura on Otakuology (What is Okatuology? I have no idea. Let’s find out.)

Date: Wednesday, January 30th (but also every Wednesday)
Time: 4:15 – 5:30 pm
Place: Downey House 113

Here’s the full schedule.

Kant wait.

College of Social Studies (CSS) Open House Tomorrow!

CSS/History professor Erik Grimmer-Solem commands me to plug the open house of my own major. I briefly considered creating a post that parallels the recent plug I wrote for the COL open house, but that would take too much effort. Or will it?

FRESHPEOPLE! Do you want to be the paragon of literary academic sophistication and verve? Do you want to be given a structurally  socially mandated reason to study abroad? Consider, then, the prospect of The College of Letters (COL) The College of Social Studies. Imma take a step back and let mah homie Paul Schwaber (Director of COL) the CSS website take over:

The College of Social Studies (CSS) is a rigorous, multidisciplinary major focusing on History, Government, Political and Social Theory, and Economics. Founded in 1959, the CSS is reading and writing intensive, encouraging intellectual independence with weekly essays, small group tutorials, and a vibrant intellectual environment.

Like the COL, the CSS begins in sophomore yearIf you would like more info, click here or go to the open house! Prof. Grimmer-Solem (+others) will wax poetic there and take questions. There is also FREE FOOD.

Date: Tuesday, Dec 6.
Time: 12.00-1.00pm
Place: CSS Lounge (4th Floor of PAC)