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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Course Schedule

In a continued effort to pleasantly surprise some students and crush others’ hopes and dreams, the administration  keeps the emotional train rolling with an email from Associate Registrar Paul Turenne on Pre-Registration, Adjustment, and various other terms that Kanye West rejected for album names.

If you take a look at the “Fall 2012 Pre-Registration” link from your student portfolio, you’ll see how many courses  you got scheduled in the initial round of pre-reg. The next round is Adjustment, when you revise your schedule according to availability and scheduling conflicts. The adjustment system is a Robin Hood-esque way to level the course schedule playing field: if you were only placed in one of the four courses you initially signed up for, you will get the first opportunity to choose from courses that are still available. Adjustment for the first group begins Wednesday, April 18, at 8 am.

Click on to read the full email from Mr. Turenne, who has nicely included a “Strategies and Tips” section but sadly excluded ice for the burn that I received upon reading the message. Does Wesleyan even know that I attend this school? Just sayin’.

Wes Pacific, Episode Two: “Why The Huge Pause?”

“It sure as hell wasn’t, like, tabouleh. Cuz you don’t need the stove to cook tabouleh.”

And we’re back.

Back from the four-day weekend colloquially known as “Fall Break,” and back with a new episode of Wes Pacific, the critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated webseries brainchild of Will Feinstein ’13. This time around, Will gets a flu shot (check it out, Will’s mom), Sexty-Five Pearl gets a closeup (still going strong), literally all of High Rise gets a rude 2:40 AM awakening, and Bobby Burvant ’13 and Adam “Rot-Bot” Rotstein ’13 get “Clairecuts.” Rot-Bot also tells a joke about a bear, and Hector knows “Monster” really well. All in a day’s work! (Dylan and Derek, take note.)

Watch the episode above or on YouTube, like Wes Pacific on Facebook, and check the first episode here. Next episode (probably) coming (maybe) soon (I think?).

PS: great news. It feels like Monday, but it’s actually Wednesday!

KanYe rocks Wesleyan College: Online Edition

So, word on the street is that guy who made beats for Jay-Z came out with an album of his own…and apparently, it’s good (who’da thunk?)! If you’ve been raving about it with your hallmates for at least a week now, then surely you’ve seen it make its mark on Wes around the net-o-webs:


For the uninitiated: that’s a graph of the most frequent top artists for all the members of the Wesleyan group on last.fm. That means that Kanye West appears on our top artist charts for the week about three times as much as any of the nearest competitors. Seems like we do want you chillin’ with your phoenix, Mr. West.

Much more ado about nothing after the jump.