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SHOFCO at Brew Bakers

From Marina King ’16shofco:

Come to Brew Bakers to enjoy breakfast, lunch and delicious coffee where you can also support SHOFCO (Shining Hope for Communities). Brew Bakers will give 5% of all proceeds to the Wesleyan-originated Shining Hope for Communities! Bring your mom, bring your dad, bring your entire family!

SHOFCO has created a network of community driven social services such as a health clinic, a women’s empowerment program and much more in Kibera, Kenya, one of the largest slums in Africa. They also provide support for two tuition free schools for girls in Kibera and Mathare: two slums in Nairobi, Kenya.

Date: Saturday, September 27th
Time: 7AM-5PM
Place: Brew Bakers, 169 Main Street

SHOFCO Benefit Brunch @ Brew Bakers

From Ari Fishman ’13:

Do you like brunch? Are you getting sick of Usdan? Do you want to help girls in Kenya become more empowered and educated?

If you answered yes to any and all of these questions, join us Saturday, November 3rd for brunch at Brew Bakers to support SHOFCO. 10% of all proceeds go to Shining Hope for Communities.

THERE WILL BE LIVE MUSIC AROUND LUNCHTIME FROM SOME OF THE CHILLEST AND ILLEST CAMPUS MUSICIANS like…Mel Hsu, Andrew Zingg, Jason Katz, Kelly Lee, Gabe Greenberg, and maybe even Emma Daniels!

Click here learn more about SHOFCO.

Date: Saturday, November 3
Time: 7am-5pm
Place: Brew Bakers (169 Main St)

Men with Bad Manners Plant “Seed Sankara!”

The reggae album of the year is upon us!

Men with Bad Manners, featuring all of Wesleyan’s greatest musicians, has released its debut album, Seed Sankara. Not only is the music stupendous (produced by Buru Style’s Andrew Fogliano ’10), but it’s also for a great cause. MWBM includes Immanuel Lokwei ’12, Howe Pearson ’12, Matt Hurwit ’12, and Jesse Humm ’12.

Your support will help the Kapseret Soccer Club and Long Mouth Social Forum promote social dialogue, peaceful coexistence, and the revaluation of artistic creations in ethnically torn parts of rural Kenya.

Buy the album on Bandcamp or download hit single “Town Cow Skank” for free.

Get To Know SHOFCO!

Emily Weitzman ’14 writes:

Are you a freshman looking to get more involved at Wes? A sophomore, junior, or senior who has never gotten a chance to hear what SHOFCO is all about? Shining Hope for Communities is a non-profit organization started by Wesleyan students, with the mission of bringing education and gender equality to Kibera, Kenya, Africa’s largest slum. Check out this video for more info.

At this event, you will hear from students who have just returned from a summer teaching at the Kibera School for Girls, and students who are working hard for SHOFCO right here at Wesleyan. SHOFCO is doing big things. Come to PAC001 tomorrow at 4:30pm to learn how you can become a part of it.

DATE: TOMORROW, Friday, Sept. 9
TIME: 4:30-5:30 pm

Download an Album, Help the Turkana People

Jesse Humm ’12 writes in with a great cause you can help by purchasing an album created by Wesleyan students:

With a lot of help from musicians Howe Pearson, Jesse Humm, Immanuel Lokwei, and Matt Hurwit have gotten the amazing opportunity to release an album that showcases the work of incredible Wesleyan musicians from Uganda to liberal arts colleges, from the bustling Big Apple to San Francisco. We’re offering this CD to all of you, whom we love so dearly, and need some support to help a worthwhile cause. All of the proceeds will benefit Kenyans of all ages from villages in Kenya called Kalemng’orok and Eldoret.

We will be:

1) Helping an orphanage called the Lewa’s Children’s Home, notable for helping the Chokora, a group of street children in the Elderot region: http://www.africanrelief.org/lewa.html
2) Constructing a Relief Center in one of the Most Hunger Stricken Places in Kenya
3) Creating a Youth Soccer Club

For more information please visit our blog at:

To download the album, go to http://musicianshelpinghands.bandcamp.com/

Please help us realize this vision by sending us your kind donations with two easy steps:
1) On the main page, click “Download Album,” and name your price (the album is available for free, too, if you want to listen to the music first!)
2) Enter your credit card information (all of the money will go directly into an account open for the cause), and a link to the music will be emailed to you!

If you have any questions PLEASE contact Howe Pearson ’12, Jesse Humm ’12, Immanel Lokwei ’12, Matt Hurwit ’12 or Sarah Vandermeer.

Odede ’12 Featured in Courant

A little late on picking this up, but Kennedy Odede ’12 was featured two days ago in the Courant:

Four years ago Wesleyan University student Kennedy Odede was living in the chaotic Nairobi slum where he grew up, in a 10-by-10-foot shack without running water, basic sanitation or electricity. But even there, in Kibera, a young man can get his hands on a computer.

And Odede wasn’t just any young man.

Had he been an urban American trying to lift up his neighbors, instead of a Kenyan slum dweller trying to save some lives, he might have been dubbed a “community organizer.” But Odede was, as his recollections imply, simply taking care of his poor branch of the family of man.

Amid the most desperate poverty in Kenya’s largest slum, where prostitution for girls often comes with or even precedes puberty, Odede had created a youth-based community center and was offering services for women and children with HIV/AIDS. He had made a difference, a few foes and a lot of friends.

But time was running out for the women and children, and Odede was running out of ideas. So he entered a computer search for “Kenya,” adding words like “aid” or “service” or “charity,” and eventually clicked on a Connecticut-based group called American Friends of Kenya.

Although the group was then only a year old, founding director Emely Silver of Norwich was used to receiving, and often rejecting, plaintive pleas for help from Kenyans. A former U.S. Air Force nurse and nursing instructor with a tart sense of humor, Silver has no time for dead-end modes of charity or aid. Odede, she recalls, “was the first one who didn’t ask for money.” He wanted advice about how to manage his projects in the slums.

“Teach me,” he wrote to Silver, who was immediately smitten.

What Odede got was an adopted “grandma,” as he now calls Silver, and a partnership with American Friends of Kenya that will be on full view this month in Kibera when he and his partner, Wesleyan University graduate Jessica Posner, open the slum’s first school for girls.

Wesleyan’s Kenyan Connections?

So how do you connect dumpster diving to Kenya to Wesleyan? Well, CNN today featured a great article about a New York chemistry teacher, Jude Ndambuki, who spends a good portion of his free time scouring local trash for scrapped computer parts to repair and send back to his home nation of Kenya. In return, he only asks that the schools that receive the equipment plant trees to help fight the massive soil erosion affecting the countryside.

The article reminded me about a friend of mine and recent alum Jessica Posner ’09. Along with  Kennedy Odede ’12, the pair have been spending their summer in Kenya building the Kibera School for Girls. Jessica’s thoughtful blog has been highlighting just how desperately resources are needed over there. As she describes handing out uniforms last week:

The highlight of this week was today when we distributed uniforms to all of our students.  For all of our students these uniforms were the first brand new clothes that these children have ever been given.  In addition, uniforms are the only clothes that most of our children have.  The excitement as 45 little girls tried on uniforms, traded sizes, swapped styles, and paraded around was incredible.  The happiness from parents, students, and teachers alike was simply uncontainable.

The Kibera School gladly accepts both financial and in-kind donations. If you can salvage some computer equipment or stumble upon a box of crayons, consider shooting Jessica an email at jessica@hopetoshine.org or checking out the Help Kenya Project. (For those going back to school, Staples has some ridiculously cheap deals like 1 cent notebooks that you may also consider donating, either to Kenya or a local school in need.)

Holiday Fundraiser for Wesleyan Friends of Africa

Kennedy Odede ’12 tells us about the WFA’s holiday fundraiser. There are lots of ways to give, so get on it!

Stressed about holiday gifts? Want to do something different this year? Give a gift that makes a difference!
The Wesleyan Friends of Africa (WFA), a student group founded by Kennedy Odede from Kibera, Kenya is having a holiday fundraiser. You can make a contribution to a cause that matters and give non-material gifts this year!

Help build a primary school in the Kibera slum!
With a minimum contribution of $7 you can give towards building a primary school in Kibera, you will get a card to give as a gift with pictures of the students on it!

Give Christmas dinner to an HIV Positive woman and her children
For $7 you can buy a good means for a woman living with AIDS and her children. These women are part of the organization SHOFCO that Kennedy founded in Kibera. You will get a card with a picture of the woman and a personal note of gratitude from this woman as well.

Buy handmade jewelery made by a woman from Kibera with HIV/AIDS
This jewelry, also made by the woman of SHOFCO, is beautiful! All proceeds go back to the women who make it. Price range $5-$10.

When: tonight ( Wed. 12/10) until 10 pm, 12/13 (Sat) from 4-10 pm, and 12/14 (Sun) from 4-10 pm
At a table in the Olin lobby