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JJJ Memorial Wristbands to Benefit the Kibera School for Girls

From Peter Hull ’10:

Over the next few weeks, teal livestrong-style wristbands will be sold around the Wesleyan campus for $2 apiece. Debossed with a quote and initials in memory of Johanna Justin-Jinich ’10, these bracelets will unite the greater Wesleyan community on the eve of the one-year anniversary of a campus tragedy. All proceeds will benefit the Johanna Justin-Jinich Memorial Clinic of Kibera.

Join this event to be updated on the days and times these wristbands will be sold. We’re still waiting on the final shipment but will let all those listed as “attending” know as soon as they arrive!

Live. Laugh. Love. JJJ

Show your support by joining the facebook event.

Johanna Justin-Jinich Memorial Clinic of Kibera Benefit Dinner at Thai Gardens

Treat yourself to some delicious Thai food this Thursday for a good cause:

Join us for the Johanna Justin-Jinich Memorial Clinic of Kibera Benefit Dinner @ Thai Gardens.
Come and bring everyone you know to eat Thai food for the health of women and children!
A percentage of the price of your meal will be donated to the memorial clinic in Kenya with no added cost to you!
For more information about our project, please visit: www.hopetoshine.org/johannaclinic.

Date: Thursday March 25
Time: 5 pm – 10 pm
Place: Thai Gardens, 300 Plaza Middlesex Main Street