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WesKids in the Blogosphere

all drawings from Jason Katzenstein '13's blog, Literally Drawn Lyrics

drawings by Hannah Baker and Jason Katzenstein [all drawings from Katzenstein ’13’s blog, Literally Drawn Lyrics]

You may not have known but probably expected that some of our brilliant peers are killing it in the online realm. Once upon a while ago, frostedmoose did a post on some Gov professors in the blogosphere. Abrogs have gotten attention. But this doesn’t even begin to cover it. I compiled a list of some of the more well-known bloggers among us– complete with blurbs from the bloggers themselves! You’re missing some QUALITY bloggin’ if you haven’t checked these girls (see what I did there?) out:

Queer T-shirts: A SECOND CHANCE

1467440_10151783556861229_359861676_nThe amazing Sophie Massey ’15 is giving you a second chance to order that awesome queer shirt (design thanks to Professor Greg Goldberg and Virgil Taylor ’15) that you were pissed you missed ordering last year:

Queer shirts are back!
If you didn’t get a queer shirt last year
Want more of them
Are are just hearing about this for the first time



Shinekwa Kershaw ’15 wants you to know about the most enticing event this semester:

This Saturday. Eclectic. 10pm. Dance Party.

Drag show of Wesleyan’s student Kings and Queen at 11pm– come see your peers work the fuck outta the runway.

Facebook event here.

Date: Saturday, November 2nd
Time: 10pm
Place: Eclectic
Cost: $5

TypeClub Seeking Designers


Carlos Sanchez ’14 wants you on his team:

If you’re looking to channel your inner Don Draper, look no further: TypeClub, Wesleyan’s design cooperative and quasi-advertising firm, is seeking designers to join the team. If you’re interested in any tenet of design thinking (social, visual, product, UX, etc.), shoot an email to csanchez[at]wesleyan[dot]edu with the following:

Relevant Experience (Not necessary)
Design-related Interests
Any previous work (Also not necessary)

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!