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“Blunt After Blunt After Blunt”: A Kitty Pryde/Danny Brown Postmortem

I was gonna quote Danny Brown lyrics here, but actually, nah.

What do you get when you combine a 30-year-old cartoon-voiced hype rapper from Detroit, a 19-year-old suburban Daytona Beach high-schooler-turned-rap-princess, and about 300 overheated, excitable, Tumblr-wave-savvy Wes students? Sweat, mostly. And eccentric, buzzy hip hop, delivered in a room largely lacking in oxygen.

As promised, Danny Brown and Kitty Pryde rolled through Eclectic for one of their first ever shows together, raising Eclectic’s capacity and temperature far above the norm. (Tickets sold out in two Usdan lunches.) Kitty rhymed for about 20 minutes, updating her sleepy bedroom raps for a more riotous live setting and yelling at students to get off the stage. Her tribute to Justin Bieber, “Justin Bieber,” drew a solid cheer, and she seems to have passed the “Is She Actually a Suburban Teenager” litmus test. Danny Brown performed a much more substantial set, drawing largely from 2011’s XXX as he stalked the stage, rhyming wildly through his chipped tooth and pulling off articles of clothing. “Blunt After Blunt” and “Adderall Admiral” even inspired some attempted singalongs, though I haven’t heard anyone approximate his cartoonish delivery. (Special guest Tony Pajamas seemed to enjoy himself as well, declaring it an “epic night.”)

Updates: Stream New Danny Brown EP, Don’t Be a Scalper


Well, that was fast. Yesterday, tickets for Danny Brown and Kitty Pryde’s first ever show together went on sale for $5 a pop. Today, they sold out faster than you can say “Haha, I’m sorry.” (Even famed video reviewer Anthony Fantano is on the list for this one.) Wesleying has heard reports of people scalping tickets for more than $5 in the great American entrepreneurial tradition. Organizer Cal Hickox ’15 confirms that if you do this, he will find you and give you your just reward.

Here’s How to Buy Tickets For Danny Brown and Kitty Pryde “Making Out Onstage for an Hour”

No, you can’t exchange Adderall for tickets.

Yes, loudmouth weirdo Detroit rapper Danny Brown and 19-year-old Florida Tumblr-Wave sensation Kitty Pryde are coming to Eclectic on Thursday night. Yes, you can buy tickets with $5 (small bills, for the love of Ghostface) starting in Usdan tomorrow. Yes, Mr. Brown and Ms. Pryde are apparently dating not dating after all (they met over Twitter, and this will be their first show together). Yes, Tumblr-Wave is apparently a thing now. And yes, Kitty Pryde did actually post this in the Facebook event:

Danny Brown is probably the first chip-toothed rapper to compose romantic metaphors involving bulls, matadors, and “a pregnant Labrador,” while Kitty Pryde is definitely still in high school in Daytona Beach. If nothing else, this will be probably the weirdest hip hop event since Mr. Mothafuckin’ eXquire materialized in Eclectic last Spring. You can get tickets in Usdan beginning tomorrow (they’ll probably go fast). 

Spotted: Kitty Condo on College Row

This week in  #wtf: on Monday, a “pre-loved” kitty condo appeared in the middle of College Row, its position revealing little as to what building it could have come from or why it was moved outside. Kari Weil, Professor of Letters, has been spotted struggling to walk a large dog around campus, but does President Roth have a secret pet cat? Was it put there as a protest in favor of allowing pets on campus—perhaps by the disenfranchised animals themselves? Might it be a teaser for the Kitty Pryde show that’s apparently coming up next week?

Who knows, but the next day it was turned over on its side, and today it’s gone, just as suddenly as it arrived.