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It’s Already Frebuary?

Anal Schmalz Peeper, Spirit of 1863, and A. Avoiding Gym Roll Rot, Connecticut College Class of 1864, would like to invite you to their primary Student Forum: ASJL420: Markets of Britain.

Verily. Verily. Verily. Verily. Life is butt a Marquis du Sade. Haha hey. Fworst, Coreikullum: a study of penzils, whaylz, murdrerz beIIz and the like. Professor Schmalz Peeper, dead for but a forescore months will provide the “student” with “an” education in the finerest of thangs. Whults—Dr. Roll Rot, PhD, MDMA expert in innerest of sevens can “not” unhelp you to the highest reaches of their lowest bucket tors. Queven. Pastabilities are with the realm of unnearing unendlessnesslessness. Schneezle. Quoram of einundzwansig Studentinnen while suffice. Please emale of quistionz to dogsarelikesocute09-woof35(at)aol(dot)org.

Bee Tea Dubs: Zombie Art Collective meetings T.R. 8:30 AM PAC0004?

Audition For “Knife: A Love Story”

Michael Steves ’13 writes:

Come audition for “Knife: A Love Story,” a senior thesis film written and directed by Leslie Wentworth ’12!

The film is about a knife who falls in love with a lonely woman, and his ensuing frustration with being an inanimate object. We are looking for one female lead, one male lead, a supporting male character, and a few extras. Come prepared to do a cold reading and tell us something interesting about yourself. Auditions will be held from 2-4pm in Usdan 108 on Saturday and from 2-4pm on Sunday in the CFA Theater and Dance Studios East Room.