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Ranking Wes Kombucha Options: an Odyssey of Fermented Exploration

Hello my friends! And welcome to the ultimate Wesleyan kombucha guidebook. Maybe you’re a complete kombucha newbie and you just need some, shall we say, guidance on how to navigate the minefield that is kombucha (it can be very intimidating, I understand). Or maybe you’re a long-time kombucha drinker, and you just want to make sure your favorites are properly recognized (which, if you believe they were not, I extend absolutely no apologies—you need to re-evaluate your taste buds, love). Either way, you’ve come to the right place. I tried every last kombucha option Wesleyan has to offer, and have curated a ranking meticulously based on very strict criteria: looks, taste, and what I call the Kombucha Komponent (like component but with a K—get it?) 

Apply to Live in Farm House!

fhFun fact: I lived in Farm House and it changed my life #OccupyWash. Amy “Herpetologist” Mattox ’17 wants to give you the same opportunity:

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