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NYT’s Kristof on Odede, Posner, SHOFCO – lays framework for screenplay adaptation

This is probably old news by now (seeing as how it’s been flooding my Facebook feeds, no matter how weird-looking it is now), but Pulitzer Prize-winning NYT Op-Ed columnist Nick Kristof had a piece up last night about Kennedy Odede ’12, Jessica Posner ’09, and Shining Hope for Communities.

It’s a pretty short piece, and very sweet indeed – structured loosely as a way to let readers know where their donations have been shipped of to all this time, Kristof puts in its centerpiece the converging narratives of Odede and Posner that culminates in a good chunk of love and a whole lotta hope.

On this dreary, dreary morning that threatens to get only gloomier, this was sort of wonderful way for me to start the day. (For it has, indeed, melted my cold, black heart.)

Click here for the article.

Have a great Thursday, Weskids!