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Pure Passion: An Interview with Amanda Belichick ’07

amanda_belichick-mug2013-releaseDon’t be fooled — the story of Amanda Belichick ’07 is not as simple as that of a daughter following in the footsteps of her father. It is a story of passion for lacrosse, care for the team, and a desire to break free of the mundane.

Belichick grew up in an athletic family with a devotion to lacrosse. Her father, William Belichick ’75, played lacrosse at Wesleyan and is currently the head coach of the New England Patriots. Her brothers, Stephen and Brian, also played lacrosse at their respective schools.

Belichick was initially drawn to Wesleyan for lacrosse camp, but stayed for the diverse options the campus had to offer. “The liberal arts was really appealing to me, just having a lot of options,” said Belichick, “I was really looking for somewhere where I could play lacrosse and have a great college experience. So it just felt really natural.”

Belichick was initially a studio art major because she, “loved the process.” The love of the process is evident in her coaching; Belichick is known for her attention to detail and minute breakdown of the game. Belichick eventually left the studio art major (to be a history major), but through her time in the major understood the importance of finding her passion:

I was really bad at art, that was my problem. But I think it’s passion, I think it’s finding something that you care about. I spend a lot of time watching video and watching other teams and being inspired — which is what artists do. And I’m not going to sit here and call myself a genius or anything special but I do think putting in the time and having the passion for whatever it is that you do is important. And I’m really passionate about lacrosse and I’m really passionate about teaching the game and working with the players. Having them learn the concepts. I think that that’s something that’s really important to me as a coach–to learn the game and not just to follow directions and follow the mold. And so I think as you learn, you find those creative outlets within it. I think that makes it really fun.

Amherst Fan Van 4/23

The Fan Van, a bus that takes student fans to Wesleyan athletic away games, is happening again for the last time this school year. It will happen this Saturday April 23rd, with a bus going to the men’s lacrosse game against Amherst, one of our Little Ivy rivals. There will also be a men’s and women’s track meet there.

The bus will be leaving Wesleyan from Usdan at 12:15pm. The bus will be leaving Amherst at 4:00pm and returning to campus at roughly 5:30pm.
People can reserve a spot by emailing nokai(at)wesleyan(dot)edu, stating their interest. To preserve the fairness of the service, you can only reserve a seat for yourself (your friends must also reserve for themselves). First come, first served. There are a pretty limited number of spots, so make your reservation now before bus seats run out.



Major props to the men’s lacrosse team, which took down Tufts 14-10 today at Middlebury to win its first NESCAC title. This is the fourth NESCAC championship in Wes history (in all sports), alongside 2005 men’s soccer, 1987 golf, and 1984 women’s cross country.

Wes thrashed Williams 11-5 last Sunday to move on to the semifinals for the seventh straight year. Against Middlebury, the Cards rallied from an 8-3 halftime deficit when Adam Kirk ’09 scored with 15.6 seconds remaining. Wes won the overtime faceoff, and Dan Latzman ’09 fired home the winner 36 seconds in for the 15-14 final. Wesleyan is the only team to beat Middlebury–which came into the tournament ranked second in the country–this year, having also won 8-7 on March 14.

Against Tufts, Jon Killeen ’10 scored seven seconds in, and Wes never looked back, jumping out to a 4-0 lead and never leading by fewer than three. Russ Follansbee ’09 and Lonny Blumenthal ’10 both had hat tricks (with Russ also scoring five against Middlebury), and Mike Borrero ’09 made 12 saves.

The Cards are in the NCAA tournament for the fourth time in the last five years and should get at least one home game; schedules and seeding will be announced tonight. Whoo.

Girls’ Club Lacrosse Interest Meeting

Miss playing lacrosse? Always wanted to play? We’re hoping to start an informal and fun girls’ club lacrosse team this semester. All levels of experience and fitness welcome. You’ll need a stick, goggles, and a mouth guard. If you want to find out more, come to an interest meeting next Monday at eight thirty at the Usdan couches downstairs. If you’re interested and can’t make it, email econrad@wesleyan.edu or eevans@wesleyan.edu for information.

See you Monday,
Liza Conrad ’11 and Liz Evans ’11