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The Last Minutes at 200 Church

Come to 200 Church tomorrow to see campus favorite The Last Minutes and some new opening groups:


The Last Minutes
Maybe you saw them open for Cymbals Eat Guitars and Blk Jks last month. Maybe you saw them at one of their wonderful shows last year. Maybe you’ve just seen Ryan Rodger’s hair from across campus. Who knows? Either way, you should come listen to
funk jams and rock riffs and soulful singin’ with Bella Loggins, Katherine McDonald, Ben Block, and the aforementioned Ryan Rodger. Check ’em out beforehand here: http://www.myspace.com/lastminutesthe

Soul Kat Too
Solkattu: noun. South Indian rhythmic style
Soul kat: noun. A funky motherfucker
Too: gerund. Also.
They are soul kats. You can be a soul kat too. This is a brand spankin’ new funk band with Nate Mondschein, Spencer Hattendorf, Zack Rosen, Jake Schofield, Graham Richman, and Sam Friedman, featuring the vocal stylings of Garth Taylor. So hold on to your socks cuz they’ll be knocked.

The Midnight Connection
Rapping and acoustic guitar and cello? Oh my. Josh “Wordsmith” Smith, Mel Hsu, Nate Mondschein, and Howe Pearson have been making quite a splash at open mic’s this year, come see what all the fuss is about.

Date: Saturday Nov. 7
Time: 10:30 PM – 2:00 AM
Place: 200 Church
Cost: free

Cymbals Eat Guitars/BLK JKS/The Last Minutes at Eclectic

concertFor those of you wondering what happened to Eclectic having concerts, there’s one this Friday!

From the Facebook event:

Cymbals Eat Guitars
These guitars fight back hard, despite the implications of the name. They’ve been compared to Modest Mouse and Built to Spill, “if Built To Spill actually had some youth on their side and could still throw down in a street fight or get upset over a girl.” — RCRD LBL

Sometimes flat out fun, sometimes a little eerie, this band plays rock full of distorted guitar, crazy drum beats, and South African rhythms layered under beautiful yet intensely powerful vocals.

The Last Minutes
Powered funk rock with girl-boy vocals, Wesleyan’s own Bella Loggins, Ryan Rodger, Katherine McDonald and Ben Block will take you for a ride you’ll never want to have end.

Date: Friday October 2
Time: 10pm-2am
Place: Eclectic
Cost: FREE

Sounds like an amazing time. Don’t believe me? Check it:

Fashion People, Last Minutes at the Bayit

Come celebrate Purim with a costume party at the Bayit, featuring Fashion People, the Last Minutes, and Mad Wow Disease. There will be plenty of “hamentashen” cookies for everyone, so dress up, dance, and eat cookies.

Or just come for the music:

Mad Wow Disease
These new kids on the block,
comprised of Nate Mondschein, Spencer Hattendorf, Matt Hurwit, Gabe Gordon, Louis Russo, Myles Potters, Claire Randall, and Jake Schofield, are a horn based funk band. Exposure to Mad Wow Disease can cause a spongy degeneration in the portions of the brain that control inhibition, as well as an uncontrollable desire to “get down” and “your groove thing.” Mad Wow Disease has a long incubation period, infecting you after initial exposure and gradually seeping into your every cranial crevasse until you find yourself unable to escape its funktastic melodies and ill-nasty rhythms (links are all them).

The Last Minutes
Previously touted on AuralWes as Wesleyan’s newest musical darlings, this foursome, composed of Bella Loggins, Ryan Rodgers, Katherine McDonald, and Ben Block, they seamlessly go from soulful to slammin’, though they unfortunately don’t have a myspace yet to give you a preview.

Fashion People
Western Mass all-stars playing funky rock ‘n’ roll. You may have seen them spreading dance fever at Psi U last semester. If not, well, that’s just more reason to come see them now. You’ll be yelling “fashion people” in hero worship by the end of the night.

Come dance your booty off Saturday at the Bayit.

Write-up at Aural Wes.

Date: Saturday, March 28th
Time: 10 pm – 2 am
Place: The Bayit

Weekend Music

A brief roundup of shows to check out this weekend, from Aural Wes:

Friday, February 20th:

Earth House, 10:30 pm:

  • Future Folk Showcase: Adam Tinkle, Mute with Stupefaction (Ben Seretan ’10), Aliza Simons ’09, See/Saw (Fareed Sajan ’09).

    Hey, remember that time we told you about FUTURE FOLK RECORDS, the brainchild of brainchildren Max Horwich and Rod O’Connor? …Well. Tonight’s show celebrates three new Future Folk releases, all of which are original, high-quality, and free (!).

Psi U, 10:00 pm:

  • WordSmith: Josh Smith ‘11 (the WordSmith) rhymes with raw emotion on a serious level as images of late night innovation, childhood innocence, and liberating contemplations concerning coming of age, soulfully dance through the lyrics. Through the incorporation of the Concert G’s, WordSmith embodies a sophistication and depth that is often lost in music today.
  • Dear Lamp: The southwest twanging of Carlos Nugent ‘11 and rhythmic banging of John Myers ‘11 lent to my ears as the sweet violin of Katherine Schahill ‘11 intoxicated my heart. Lost in the sophisticated interplay of guitarists Hannah Overton ‘11 and Ian Cross ’11 with bassist Daniel Hymanson ‘11, I knew the notes that danced around the dust-ridden shelves should not be forgotten in the back of that thrift store.
  • The Last Minutes slow down anxious thoughts by diverting them toward uplifting chord progressions and strong rhythms. The beautiful voice of Katherine McDonald ‘11 harmonizes with guitarist, Ryan Rogers ‘11. Ben Block ‘11 and Bella Loggins ’10 sustain the funky core with bass and drums.
Saturday, February 21st:

Crowell Concert Hall, 8-10 pm, $5:

  • Jubilee, with Lancelot Drummonds ’06.

    Breath of fresh air, anyone? If so, you might want to head on over to Jubilee. Lancelot Drummonds ’06 will be here to provide some much needed r&b rhythm. this Saturday. You heard me; Wesleyan’s Black History Month cultural show stands to really liven things up! Apart from a number of student performances, singer/songwriter